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What are passivhaus houses and why are they important in Barcelona?

What are passivhaus houses and why are they important in Barcelona?

Technological advances and sustainability have become two great concepts of today and both terms are gaining more and more importance. Technology is part of our daily life and people are increasingly aware of the importance of acquiring sustainable habits. 

As a consequence of the importance of technology and sustainability, we want to comment in this article on a new concept that is currently emerging and standing out in large cities like Barcelona. Specifically, we want to talk about the passivhaus, and for this, we will comment on what a passivhaus house consists of and the basic principles of these. 

What is a passivhaus house? 

As we have mentioned, we will start this article by commenting on what a passivhaus house is in order to understand the importance it is acquiring and why it is considered to be the houses of the future. 

Passivhaus houses are also known as Home Passive and consist of a type of house that are created with the aim of maintaining perfect atmospheric conditions inside. In this way and through this type of construction, what is achieved is an energy saving of between 70 and 90% compared to a conventional home. In addition, it is important to note that the needs in terms of heating or cooling are reduced since the rest of the energy would be covered very easily with renewable energy. 

In this way, a passive home does not need any type of cooling mechanism or usual heaters since throughout the year it maintains its own temperature of approximately 20ºC. Thanks to the own constructions that are made, this type of housing does not make energy efforts and therefore, fuel should not be burned to produce and create an ambient temperature. 

The basic principles of a passivhaus house

After having briefly discussed what a passivhaus house consists of, we consider it necessary to also comment on the basic principles or the most important requirements that a passivhaus house should have.

Thermal insulation

One of the most important characteristics that this type of house must meet is to have optimal thermal insulation on its exterior walls. In this way, the climate of the place where it is built must be taken into account to adapt the materials since they must also meet specific characteristics to achieve the necessary objectives.

Reduction of heat losses 

In reference to the first point commenting, it is important to note that good insulation must be worked to avoid air leaks in doors or windows since these leaks lead to continuous thermal losses. 

Eliminate thermal bridges

Another of the most important aspects to take into account is the elimination of thermal bridges, these refer to the path that heat takes from the point where it is produced to where it is used. In this way, by eliminating thermal bridges, heat is prevented from escaping thanks to the placement of double walls. 

Efficient ventilation

Another of the most important characteristics of this type of house is that it is necessary to have efficient and mechanical ventilation so that there is clean and fresh air continuously. In addition, it is also necessary to comment that it is necessary that the same amount of air enters and leaves so that ventilation is even more efficient. 

Attention to the doors and windows

As we have mentioned previously, the doors and the advantages are two of the most important aspects to take into account since both structures demand a high thermal performance as well as the best location. Taking them into account makes the type of the house more expensive. In addition, it is also important to study and analyze the position and its placement since ideally they should be oriented to the south to let in the sunlight and provide shade in summer. 

Benefits and passivhaus house in Barcelona

As mentioned above, passivhaus houses have become one of the best options since they not only provide economic benefits but also socially and above all, environmentally. 

Barcelona has become one of the best cities to carry out passivhaus constructions due to the large geographical area in which it is located and it is for this reason that more and more houses and buildings are being built as liabilities. For each of these constructions, the optimization of resources and the most sustainable and innovative techniques are sought. 


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