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What are the best beaches in Barcelona?

What are the best beaches in Barcelona?

If you are planning to visit or to buy an apartment in Barcelona, you are surely wondering which are the best beaches in Barcelona. The good news is that the beaches in this city are amazing, there are beaches for all tastes and activities.

In this post, we will show you the best beaches of the Barcelona coastline.

The best beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona city offers different beaches and each has its own appealing. Some are really popular, others are ideal for families, others have the best volleyball court, there are nude beaches, and so on.

It is important to tell you that all the beaches of the city provide lifeguard and safety, on certain schedules, Local Police, beach information point, adapted showers, adapted public toilets, drinks and ice cream kiosks, a variety of sports, restaurants, and Wi-fi. Besides, they are easily accessible to public transport. Enjoy with responsibility the sun and sea is all you have to do, and later remember all the things you can do in Barcelona.

These are the best beaches in this fantastic city:

Barceloneta Beach

This beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city. Is named after the famous Barceloneta neighborhood. Barceloneta beach is 422 meters long and it is a place you must visit when you walk near the city center. 

Barceloneta is a favorite amongst foreign tourists and it is unlikely that you see locals.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell and Nova Icària Beaches are beautiful sandy beaches that are loved both by tourists and locals. 

Bogatell beach is 702 meters long and it is a bit wider than Barceloneta. On this beach, you will find ping-pong tables, a football pitch, and a volleyball court. It is a beach that both families and young people choose to enjoy the sun and sea in the city.

Nova Icària Beach is well-known for its peaceful environment, where you will be able to enjoy a lovely day of sun.

It is 415 meters long and it is surrounded by restaurants and tapas bars where you can try some of the Mediterranean delicacies. Here you can check out the best bars in Barcelona.

Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella Beaches

Mar Bella Beach means beautiful sea in Spanish, and it is the most famous nudity and gay-friendly beach. This beach is about 512 meters long and it’s really popular among young people, although you will also find families because it is not exclusively nudity.

Nova Mar Bella Beach is right next to Mar Bella, it is 420 meters long and for its beauty and calm beach, it is definitely worth the visit. 

Both beaches are the result of the urban redevelopment that took place for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

The best beaches near Barcelona

There are a lot of beaches near Barcelona that are gorgeous and are worth the visit. Here we offer you a short list, but there are so many idyllic beaches that will take a little time to visit them all.

Sitges Beaches

Let’s start with Sitges. This pretty and small town is down to the southwest of Barcelona and it has 17 beaches to enjoy. There are beaches with so many different characters, shapes, sizes, and ambiance depending on where it is and who goes there. 

Sitges is a popular gay-friendly town and its most popular beach for this community is Bassa Rodona Beach. 

If you go to Sitges, make sure you visit Sant Sebastià Beach, Anquines Beach, Fragata Beach, Ribera Beach, and many others.

Maresme Beaches

Maresme is a county located in the northeast of Barcelona and in the southwest of Selva. It has 16 coastal villages, 52 km of beaches and its capital is Mataró. 

This huge region of beautiful beaches gives you a lot of places to visit and it is really easy to get there by train from Barcelona center. 

These are some of the best Maresme Beaches:

  1. Montgat Beaches.
  2. Masnou Beaches.
  3. Premià de Mar Beaches.
  4. Vilassar de Mar Beaches.
  5. Cabrera de Mar Beaches.
  6. Matarò Beaches.
  7. Sant Andreu de Llavaneres Beaches.
  8. Sant Vicenç de Montalt Beaches.
  9. Canet de Mar Beaches.
  10. Arenys de Mar Beaches.
  11. Caldes d`Estrac Beaches.
  12. Sant Pol de Mar Beaches.
  13. Calella Beaches.

The best beaches in Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is the coastal region of Spain that stretches from the town of Blanes, 60 km northeast of Barcelona, up to the French border. It is very famous for its paradise beaches and its beautiful calas and natural places to visit.

Near Girona, you will find beaches that are surprisingly untouched and others that can offer you an exquisite mix of city and nature.

During the summer, there are some beaches that are really crowded, but you will always find one that will make you want to stay there forever.

One of the best beaches in Costa Brava, Barcelona.

Here, we leave you a small list of the best beaches in Costa Brava:

  1. Treumal Beach.
  2. Santa Cristina Beach.
  3. Senyor Ramon cala beach.
  4. Sant Pol Beach.
  5. Rovira Cala.
  6. Castell Beach.
  7. Canadell Beach.
  8. Pals Beach.
  9. Sa Sabolla Cala.
  10. Empúries Beach.

Keep in mind that some of the Costa Brava Beaches are not so easily accessible as the beaches in Barcelona City. So that’s why we recommend you plan ahead and make sure that you won’t have any trouble getting where you want to go.

That way you will enjoy this heaven on earth that is the Costa Brava Beaches.

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