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Top list: The best bookstores in Barcelona for English speakers

Top list: The best bookstores in Barcelona for English speakers

One way to learn a new language is through reading because through this, you can expand your vocabulary and learn new words. As a consequence, there are more and more bookstores that offer books in different languages ​​in addition to Catalan and Spanish. For this reason, in today’s article, we want to make a small list of some of the best bookstores in Barcelona for all those people who want to start reading good books.

Come In: The best English bookshop in Barcelona

The first bookstore we want to mention is Come In, and this is probably one of the best-known bookstores in Barcelona since each of the products they offer is English. You can find it in the center of the city, specifically in calle Balmes 129.

We have started this small list with the Come In bookstore since they are not only experts in the sector, but also have numerous books, so the offer is very wide and suitable for all audiences. In this way, regardless of your level, surely to Come In you will be able to find the book in English you need.

In addition, it is important to mention that they also have books and materials to prepare for official exams for English degrees.

Altaïr: Are you looking for travel books?

The next bookstore that we want to mention in this article is Altaïr, and this is the perfect combination for all those people who are passionate about traveling and reading. Since 1979, the Altaïr Bookstore has grown into Europe’s largest travel specialty bookstore.

Its location can only improve this bookstore even further, as it is located on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 616, that is, next to Plaça Universitat, Plaça Catalunya, and Passeig de Gràcia.

As it is defined on its own website, “Altaïr is culture, it is travel, and it is going further” and this bookstore has become a reference point for all those who want to go further on their travels. To achieve all this, this bookstore mixes literature, art, nature, culture, and society in order to offer readers the possibility of reading the best books and getting to know the world through Altaïr.

As a result of everything achieved through the bookstore, Altaïr Viatges and Altaïr Café were created. The first, a travel agency that sought to change the conception of traveling and offer cultural trips that allow knowing in a response to other cultures.

On the other hand, Altaïr Café has become a coffee shop perfect, quiet, and cozy where you can enjoy a good coffee accompanied by a good book that will transport you to all corners of the world.

In addition, it is important to mention that Altaïr is much more than books, and you will not only be able to find the latest editorial news but also, you will be able to find all kinds of travel material that you need to be able to undertake yours. Specifically, you can find bags, backpacks, thermoses, plug adapters, and other handcrafted products from different parts of the world.

La Central Raval: do not miss its hidden stunning garden bar

The next bookstore that we want to mention is La Central del Raval, and it is because it could also be known as the urban oasis of the city of Barcelona. La Central del Raval is part of the La Central bookstore group. This was founded in Barcelona in 1995 and their objective was to create a unique bookseller project, thus providing numerous specialized books in the field of Humanities, from philosophy, design, art, cinema, photography, poetry, theater, or even anthropology and architecture…

Specifically, La Central del Raval was inaugurated in March 2003 as a bookstore specialized in Humanities and has approximately 80,000 titles. It is located between Elisabets and Ramalleres streets, occupying an area of ​​approximately 850 m2.

In addition, in 2019 what is known as the Bar Central was also opened, a place where in addition to reading good books you can enjoy one of the best coffees in the city and other specialties.

Laie Coffee Shop: enjoy your book with a cup of coffee

The last bookstore we want to mention in this article is Laie Coffee Shop. This is located in Pau Claris 85 and was created with the aim of offering the best books accompanied by the best coffee and the best restaurant.

With almost forty years of experience, this two-storey bookstore located in the center of Barcelona, ​​has become one of the best international libraries of humanities, and it is that it offers numerous books selected in a very exact way with the aim of offering the best news and the best books on literature, philosophy, social sciences, history, art, architecture, cinema, music, among other areas.

On the top floor, Laie Coffee Shop offers a café-restaurant where culture and gastronomy merge in one place. This place has become the perfect space for many people to eat or drink at any time of the day, be it a breakfast, a snack, or a simple coffee. In addition, this space also offers the possibility that people can enjoy a good atmosphere, a good coffee, and above all, a good read.

In addition, from Laie Coffee Shop, it is also necessary to highlight that they offer personalized attention so that you can find the best books for you. In case you need books that are harder to find, they will also help you manage your search and order of the books.

As you have seen through this article, in the city of Barcelona, there are numerous bookstores that are perfect for all kinds of people and tastes. Each one of them is intended to offer a new experience that combines reading, gastronomy, and really pleasant spaces.




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