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Top 6 Catalan Restaurants In Barcelona

Top 6 Catalan Restaurants In Barcelona

The multicultural nature of Barcelona can be easily tasted in its various dishes. There are endless best quality representatives of Argentinian, French, Peruvian, Colombian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Turkish, and many other taste cultures. As we have suggested in previous articles of our blog Best places for Paella, Japanese restaurants, or Best Italian restaurants in Barcelona, in this post we want to write about the typical Catalan food and the best restaurants we can taste.

What is Catalan food?

The gastronomic treasures of Catalonia can only be explained by knowing its landscapes since it combines everything that the mountains and the sea can give us. 100% Mediterranean cuisine, simple and where the product is the most important. The philosophy is the same as it was centuries ago, if the product is right, the dish will be good.
Typical food like Escalivada, Esqueixada, Samfaina, Mongetes, Coca, Escudella y Carn d’Olla, Crema Catalana, Trinxat and good others. Of course, the traditional Catalan cuisine is accompanied by a good wine from the Empordà, Monsant, Penedés, Priorat, and Terra Alt.

Best Catalan restaurants in Barcelona

These are our 6 selections of traditional Catalan restaurants in Barcelona where you can savor the delights of Catalan cuisine. Savoring?


Is a family restaurant in the upper area of Barcelona where traditional flavors are perfected with meticulous technique and modernized in their presentations by the chef Isidro Soler trained by leaders such as Fermí Puig, Ferran Adrià, and Santi Santamaría.

Tram Tram is one of the classic Catalan restaurants, often frequented by several generations of the same family. A place where we will eat without haste and finish the feast in style, as their desserts are not to be missed.


Raül Balam and his mother, award-winning chef Carme Ruscalleda – she became the woman with the most Michelin stars in the world before the closure of Sant Pau – are at the helm of this select restaurant, which bases its menu on traditional Catalan dishes with a modern twist. Care in the selection of raw materials and the use of fresh, seasonal products, as well as an elegant atmosphere in which warm, golden tones predominate, provide visitors with an unrepeatable gastronomic experience.

Fonda Espanya by Martín Berasategui

The perfect combination: a Spanish chef with the most Michelin stars, Martín Berasategui, and a small modernist jewel located in the Hotel España, next to the Ramblas, the Boqueria Market, and the Gran Teatre del Liceu. This is the calling Fonda Espanya, in business since 1850 and renovated in the early 20th century. In addition to its extensive menu of Catalan cuisine, with delicacies such as the matured T-bone steak with potatoes and piquillos, cap-i-pota croquettes with eel or hake with its essence, here you can admire a magnificent modernist fireplace designed by the famous modernist sculptor Eusebi Arnau and a mural decoration inspired by a seabed and the work of Hokusai, signed by the painter Ramon Casas.


This is one of the best Catalan cuisine restaurants in Barcelona. We do not exaggerate if we say that this space is a safe bet to taste the best of the current Catalan gastronomy, in an intimate and quiet space with a modernist air, and with a suggestive interior garden terrace. Since 1996, its young team of professionals has been sharing its vision of cuisine and dining room service on a daily basis.

The menu, based on the updated Catalan recipe book, includes rice dishes, fish and seafood dishes from the best fish markets, and seasonal ingredients, without forgetting a careful selection of tapas and half portions.

Taberna d’en Gaig

The history of this iconic establishment began in 1869 in the neighborhood of Horta, when it was not yet part of the city of Barcelona, with the creation of the Taberna d’en Gaig. However, the definitive take-off came in the 1970s, when Carles Gaig took over the business and popularized its star dishes, such as cannelloni. In 1993, Gaig was awarded his first Michelin star, and in 1999 he won the National Award for Best Chef by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy.

Cal Boter

Is one of the best places to eat in Gràcia, especially for those who want to dive into the most authentic Catalan cuisine. Its proposals revolve around market cuisine, with vegetables, mushrooms (in season), grilled meats, and fish dishes such as codas spearhead. Among the specialties that you can not fail to order, include potatoes stuffed with mushrooms and foie gras cream, rabbit with snails, grilled eggplants with Berguedà cheese and olive oil, pig’s feet with prawns, and cod with samfaina. Its walls decorated with press clippings, posters, and photos of the neighborhood, as well as its wooden furniture and the omnipresent ceramic objects contribute to reinforce this journey through time.


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