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Top 5 best coffee shops in Barcelona that a coffee lover shouldn’t miss

Top 5 best coffee shops in Barcelona that a coffee lover shouldn’t miss

Do you know the best coffee shops in Barcelona? Today, many people are true coffee lovers and although it may seem like a simple product, behind coffee there is a great culture and a great experience. As a result, more and more there is what is known as a coffee shop. These aim to go beyond a simple cafeteria where you can have coffee and therefore want to improve the experience behind drinking this beverage. For this reason, below we will comment on the 5 best coffee shops in Barcelona that, as a good coffee lover, you should not miss.   

Before anything else, what is a cut coffee?

As we were saying, behind coffee there is a great culture that captivates and excites many people. As a consequence of this, it is necessary to define many times the concepts related to this wide world because depending on the perspective of the place where you are, the terms can vary. 

Specifically, we will discuss what a cut coffee is. It is known that a cut coffee is an espresso coffee with a small amount of milk to soften the flavour and thus reduce the degree of bitterness of the coffee. 

The traditional way in which a cut coffee is served is with little foam. The milk should be texturized to create a very light foam that accompanies the coffee. It is important to mention that the cut coffee should not be confused with a coffee with milk because they are really two different products. 


Are you looking for specialty coffee in Barcelona?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, in this one, we want to comment on some of the best coffee shops so that you can not only enjoy only the best experience but also the best coffee in all its specialties. 

Morrow Coffee

The first place we want to comment on is Morrow Coffee, this is located on Av. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and in 2017 was born as a new corner in which to enjoy and taste specialty coffee prepared by professional baristas. At Morrow Coffee, they not only serve coffee but they roast and create their own specialty coffee beans and adapt to the latest and greatest trends in the industry. 

Located in the Eixample of Barcelona, ​​this corner place is perfect to relax and enjoy one of the best places in the city. In addition, we cannot stop commenting on the natural light that enters through its large windows, making the site even more perfect. 


The next place we want to highlight is Caelum Barcelona, ​​as described in their own Instagram profile @caelumbcn, here you can find and enjoy the delicacies and other temptations of monasteries in an oasis of peace in the heart of Barcelona. Caelum Barcelona is a small shop and also an artisan pastry coffee shop where, in addition to enjoying the best coffee, you can also enjoy the best desserts and cakes. 

It is located in one of the most special neighbourhoods of Barcelona such as the Gothic one, specifically, it is located in Calle de la Palla number 8. 

Cafés El Magnífico

If you want to enjoy a good coffee, you could not miss this small list Cafés El Magnífico. Due to its success, this coffee shop currently has 3 different stores distributed in the city of Barcelona. Specifically, you can find it at  Calle Argenteria 64, Calle Xuclá 19 or in the Illa shopping centre. 

Cafés El Magnífico was born in 1962 and from that moment on, they became a place of reference for coffee lovers as they offered and continue to offer one of the best high-quality coffees in Barcelona. 

From this coffee shop, they know that the world of coffee has evolved a lot in recent years and that is why they work daily to not only offer the best coffee but also to offer the best possible experience. 

In addition, it is important to note that they not only have a cafeteria but they also have a store where you can buy coffee, accessories and packs and offer courses and workshops so that coffee professionals can continue to perfect their technique. 

Nomad Lab & Shop

If you still want to continue discovering coffee shops, you cannot miss Nomad Lab & Shop. This was born in 2011 as a travelling cart in London and it was not until 2014 when the first store was established and opened in Barcelona with the aim of, as explained on its website, to contribute to promoting the taste for coffee specialty in the city of Barcelona.  

Great professional baristas with a passion for coffee that work in each of the premises that they currently have, who are in charge of extracting the uniqueness and excellence of each coffee. 

As they want to offer a great experience, they not only serve coffees but also look for different ways to publicize their products so that it reaches the whole world. To do this, they conduct courses and tastings for both amateurs and professionals. 

You can currently find them at Passatge Sert 12, Carrer Joaquín Costa 26 and Carrer de Pujades 95. 

Syra Coffee

The last place we want to highlight is Syra Coffee. This place was born in Barcelona in 2015 as a small cafeteria that simply wanted to change the bad habits of people who consumed coffee daily in Barcelona. To do this, they relied on a concept that seems simple but decided to focus on just one thing: good coffee to go. 

From Syra Coffee, they understand that drinking coffee is an experience and this is precisely what they try to convey in their work. To achieve this, they not only offer a product of the highest quality but also care and take into account each of the stages of the process. 

If you want to enjoy and know what the experience that Syra Coffee offer is like, do not hesitate to go to some of its stores located in Gracia, l’Eixample, Poble Sec or Poblenou.

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