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How does it look the new kit of Barcelona FC?

How does it look the new kit of Barcelona FC?

One of the great events for all football lovers is when all the teams present their new kits. Barcelona, ​​in addition to standing out for all that we have been commenting on in previous articles, also emerges for its great football team. That is why in this article, we will comment on the new kit of Barcelona FC. 

Official 20/21 Barca’s new kit

On July 14, 2020, Fútbol Club Barcelona presented and put on sale the new kit for the 20/21 season. In recent seasons, Barça has always tried to surprise fans with their designs for the uniforms and first-team kits. To achieve this, it always has the help of the Nike brand.   

The kit for this season 20/21 has been no exception and has once more surprised all the Club’s fans. The new kit is a design inspired by the 1920s, which is considered some of the great days of the team. 

In this way, the football shirt for this season recovers the traditional vertical Blaugrana stripes and furthermore, golden lines are incorporated into the design as a distinctive element. Through these fine golden stripes, the characteristic Barça stripes of FC Barcelona are delimited. Another element that stands out is the new design that has been presented on the neck of the shirt, specifically in the 20/21 season a round neck is used where golden details are also included. 

The design of the new kit is complemented by the blue pants with a vertical maroon stripe on the sides. In addition, for greater consistency with the rest of the kit, gold details are also included.  

One of the great novelties is that fans will be able to find two different lines in stores: The Premium Match and the Stadium. The first is the one that players use in competition and is characterized above all by incorporating Vapor Knit technology, a very light fabric that has a high performance and elasticity in order to favor mobility in the game. The Stadium range has a lower price despite the fact that it incorporates Dri-Fit technology that favors sports activity. 

Finally, it is important to note that the production of all the equipment, that is, both the shirt and the pants are produced using 100% recycled polyester. This has been obtained from recycled plastic bottles that are melted in order to obtain a very fine thread. All sustainable innovations favor the creation of a fabric that allows better performance in sports activity as well as having a lower impact on the environment.  

Other kits for the 20/21 season

In addition to the first kit, football teams have a second and third kit and therefore, we consider it relevant to comment on them in this article as well. 

Second kit 

As we have mentioned before, Barça is a football team that tends to take risks in its designs. Even so, this second kit shows a more classic design since only black and gold colors are used, in this case, gold is used to highlight the details. 

Third kit 

This year for the third kit the color pink is used as the predominant color of the jersey. In this case, the green and black colors that appear as a detail on the edges of the sleeve and neck are incorporated into the design of the shirt. In addition, the shield is also located on a green background. 

Special editions 

To end this article we want to comment on a special edition launched by FC Barcelona last January. This launch was made under the slogan “Una samarreta ens agermana”, that is, a sister shirt, and consists of a special edition that the players will use to play the next “classic” against Real Madrid, scheduled for the month of April. 

Once again, the Club presents an innovative design and combines for the first time the symbolic Blaugrana colors of the team and the four red and yellow bars that represent the Senyera. 

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