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The Best Routes to cycling in Barcelona

The Best Routes to cycling in Barcelona

Is it possible to visit Barcelona and its surroundings in a sustainable and healthy way? Undoubtedly. By just renting a bike, you will be able to enjoy cycling lanes, roads and natural spaces, travelling at your own pace. Cycling around the city is an incredibly efficient, fun and healthy way to discover the fantastic places that Barcelona has to offer. 

Although Barcelona is not as big of a cycling city as other European cities such as Amsterdam or Copenhagen, it is still very cyclist-friendly and a great way to explore the environment from a different perspective. Keep reading to discover the best routes to cycling in Barcelona. 

Basic rules before cycling in Barcelona

Before showing you the best routes, it is important to consider the basic rules. Like all vehicles, bicycles are subject to the general road regulations that ensure all road users can travel safely, namely the General Traffic Regulations. 

List of the key rules for Cycling in Catalonia you need to know

  • Catalans drive on the right-hand side, and never ride against the flow of traffic.
  • Between sunset and sunrise, reflective clothing is a requirement.
  • Your bike must be fitted with front and rear lights and a rear reflector.
  • A bell is mandatory.
  • Hand signals are obligatory at any time you intend to turn or change direction.
  • You must use a designated bike lane or trail if it is available and not exceed the 30km/h speed limit.
  • Do not use your mobile phone or other device while cycling.
  • Music is not allowed whilst on your bike, so no headphones or earbuds.
  • Keep your helmet on! Bike helmets are not compulsory for adults, but why wouldn’t you?

Some tips to cycle safety

Choose the safest route

When you are planning your route, choose the one most suitable for bicycles. If your route is too long or compels you to use streets with lots of traffic, try combining the bicycle with public transport. 

When riding on the road

When you ride on the road you have to do it carefully and respect the traffic rules. Always use the lane on the right, nearest to the pavement. 

When riding in the bicycle lane

Remember you must always give way to pedestrians crossing the cycle lane and also that you can’t go faster than 20 km/h. 

Respect pedestrians 

Sometimes you will have to cycle in areas reserved for pedestrians, remember to adapt your speed, without exceeding 10 km/h.

Be seen and heard at night

If you are thinking of riding at night, it is very important to use the front and rear lights. You must always have a bell to warn of your presence whenever necessary.

You have also to take into account that these things are not allowed:

  • Tying bikes to trees, traffic lights, rubbish bins or benches.
  • Leaving them in front of areas reserved for loading and unloading or In front of parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.
  • Parking them In emergency exits or busy public places, at public transport stops and on pedestrian crossings

Barcelona by bike: what are the best areas and routes 

There is no real better way to explore Barcelona than by cycling. Everybody loves a day trip getting lost and the best way to do it is by riding a bike. If you are looking for the best urban routes to travel through the city, this article is for you. We recommend the following guide so that you can take advantage of the many landmarks of Barcelona along the way.

Montjuic Hill: one of the best routes to cycling in Barcelona

Montjuic Hill: one of the best routes to cycling in Barcelona

This urban route will transport you to the most glorious places of Barcelona. Start your route in Passeig de Josep Carner and take the Ronda Verda. Cycle up to the Mossèn Costa i Llobera gardens, you will enjoy both the views and the beautiful plants. Go to the Miramar cable car and continue straight on the avenue of the same name. 

On the other side of the pool, you will find a path that climbs through the gardens of Joan Brossa, another of the hidden gems of this mountain. Here there is a bike route, follow it to the plaça de la Sardana and turn right to the Mirador de l’Alcalde, you will see spectacular views of the Mediterranean. 

Keep going up to the Montjuïc castle, where you can visit the old military fortress. Then continue to the Caseta del Migdia, where you will find one of the terraces with the best views of Barcelona. Finally, go down to the Olympic Stadium and end at Plaça Espanya. 

This route has a total of 10km of distance, with a medium difficulty and you can make it approximately in one hour and thirty minutes. 

Barcelona beaches: Promenade route

Barceloneta beach

If you want to discover the Barcelona coastline, we recommend this road. It begins in Plaza de Colon taking the bike lane along Passeig de Colon. Then you have to divert to the right when you get to Roy Lichtensenten’s famous statue. From this point you can see “La Barceloneta”, the principal Barcelona beach. 

You have to go on the cycling lane and then turn left to start the route along the beaches, beginning at Sant Miquel. When you have crossed the Somorrostro beach, you will have to pass the Olympic Port, following in the direction of the Nova Icària beach. After passing Bogatell, Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella, you will discover Llevant beach and the Forum

Finally, you have the option to go back and enjoy “La Barceloneta” or you can continue on the Ronda Verda until reaching the neighboring city of Barcelona.

This route has a total of 10km of distance, with an easy difficulty and you can make it approximately in one hour and thirty minutes. 

Collserola Natural Park: another amazing route to cycling in Barcelona

Collserola Natural Park

This territory includes several cities such as Barcelona, Esplugues de Llobregat, San Feliu de Llobregat, San Just Desvern, Molins de Rei, el Papiol, Montcada i Reixac, Cerdanyola del Vallés and San Cugat del Vallés. The park has a Mediterranean climate, with wooded areas, and a variety of fauna. 

The Carretera de les Aigües is one of the most frequented roads thanks to the panoramic views of Barcelona, and we will be able to see ancient fountains, picnic areas, archaeological remains (especially Iberian villages), hermitages, such as Sant Measure, and many viewpoints

To get to this point, you should take the metro stop or take the 196 bus to the Tibidabo funicular. Then, you will be in carrer de Manuel Arnús, at this point you will find the kilometer 0 of the bike route that starts at Les Aigües parking. Following this route, surrounded by pine trees, you will arrive at the Font de la Mandra and you will enjoy several viewpoints to admire the great views such as the Mirador dels Xiprers. 

At the end of the route you also have the option of going up to Sant Pere Màrtir, where you will see an anti-aircraft battery from the Civil War and a perfect place to have a picnic. 

This route has a total of 10km of distance, with an easy difficulty and you can make it approximately in one hour and thirty minutes. 

Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park Barcelona

Ciutadella Park is perfect for a relaxing bike ride and picnic day. It has a very easy access from the Born and is well connected to a cycle track. You can’t miss the awesome Arc de Triomphe monument, which was built as the gateway to the World Fire. When you arrive at the park you can discover the gorgeous water fountains and boating lake. 

Therefore, the start point would be the Arc de Triomphe and you will have to continue on Passeig de Lluís Companys. One option is to ride here from the city center of the medieval Born neighborhood, it is probably you get lost but it is the fun part. 

This route has a total of 2,1km of distance, with an easy difficulty and you can make it approximately in one hour if you stop to explore the park. 

Have you tried any of this routes? Get amazed by this amazing views and landscapes Barcelona offers us!

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