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Barcelona tapas restaurants

Barcelona tapas restaurants

In today’s article we want to talk about an expression and one of the most popular customs in all of Spain. And, if in previous articles we discussed which are the best restaurants with a Michelin Star, in today’s article we want to comment on the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona so that you can enjoy the great gastronomy of Barcelona. 

The best Barcelona tapas restaurants

Next, as we have mentioned, we will make a small list of some of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona. 

Bar Cañete

The first restaurant we want to comment on is Bar Cañete, and this is because it has become one of the great classics of the tapas bars in Barcelona. This restaurant has conquered the palate of all diners and the product is the main protagonist. As a consequence of this, they create simple tapas and dishes highlighting the product and its quality above all. In addition to its croquettes or its “spicy bomb”, the success of Bar Cañete is also due to its great staff and their kindness.  

Quimet i Quimet

As we mentioned in the previous article about the best bars in Barcelona, Quimet i Quimet is one of the best-known tapas bars in Barcelona. It is a tavern that was created in 1914 and since then, it has offered high quality tapas in addition to offering its own beer and also a large assortment of bottles, with more than 500 bottles of wine. Quimet i Quimet stands out for the creative and gourmet combination of cans of preserves and the most innovative cuisine creating dishes such as a salmon sandwich, yogurt and truffled honey. 

La Plata

La Plata bar is possibly one of the most authentic in all of Barcelona and for this reason, we wanted to include it in this small list. It is considered to be one of the most authentic since it was inaugurated in 1945, it maintains the same essence. The menu is simple since it is based on simple tapas that have been offered since then, specifically, it stands out for its tomato salad, its skewer of sausage, anchovies, and above all, fried fish. In addition, it is important to note that its essence is also maintained in the fact that great tapas are enjoyed standing up. 

Bodega 1900

Another restaurant that we want to highlight is Bodega 1900 and this restaurant is one of the favorites for many. Through this great restaurant, chef Albert Adrià makes his own reinvention of midday vermouth and for this reason, Bodega 1900 is neither a vermouth nor a classic winery since you can enjoy great classics reinvented with great creativity. In this way, they offer tapas with a top quality product and adapt them in a very creative and original way to offer a wide range of proposals that mix simplicity and quality to surprise all diners. 

La Mundana 

The last restaurant that we want to include in this small top 5 is La Mundana, this one, we wanted to include in this small list since it presents and offers innovative cuisine and an infallible formula. In La Mundana, you can enjoy a great vermouth accompanied by some great, very creative tapas, since what this restaurant aims to achieve is to offer reinvented classic tapas, for this, it is played with textures and flavors while always respecting the raw material and the product quality.


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