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The Residencial Travessera de Dalt has an amazing penthouse for sale. This apartment represents both a great opportunity of inversion and a wonderful place to live for your famil

Located in the heart of Gracia, in one its main avenues, this penthouse with private terrace offers a great view of the city and it is right between Park Güell and the most popular streets of Gràcia. Here you can best discover the advantages of its location.

The penthouse of Residencial Travessera de Dalt is a 3 bedroom apartment, with a fully equipped luxury kitchen and two bathrooms, which makes it an extremely comfortable condo. The concept of this project is completely sustainable, as you may discover in our ecobuilding section, where you will learn about all the environmental features of the building.

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Penthouse for sale in Barcelona


In Luxury Real Estate Barcelona, we are specialist in luxuries properties. This means that every apartment we offer is specially designed to match all the high standards in residences.

Residencial Travessera de Dalt has a true luxury penthouse for sale in Barcelona and it could become your next home. You will live in a penthouse that not only has a breathtaking view, but also was built using the best materials and technological systems in order to ensure an opulent property. 


118.9 m2


52.19 m2






873.000 €

Facilities of the 3 bedroom penthouse 


Among the facilities that the penthouse offers, firstly we wish to highlight the generous dimensions of the 3 bedrooms, that will transform your family’s everyday living. 

In addition, the kitchen meets all the requirements that exist nowadays, it has a comfortable dressing room and a wide receiver of almost 5 sqm, which states from the entrance that this is a high-living home. 

If you’re interested in buying a penthouse in Barcelona, this one is perfectly designed to bring natural light into all rooms with quality finishes.

Built in one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Barcelona, Gracia, this newly built building is close to any public transport that will take you to any point of Barcelona city and the outskirts.

Finally, as it is a luxury penthouse, it has a spacious living room where your family will feel at ease and a wonderful terrace in which you will enjoy the sun of Barcelona all year long.

 RECEIVER  4.992
 LIVING ROOM  22.50m2
 BEDROOM 1  11.25m2
 BEDROOM 2  7.29m2
 BEDROOM 3  8.13m2
 BATHROOM 1  3.17m2
 BATHROOM 2  4.07m2
apartment 3d plan

3D plan of the apartment

3d plan view of one of our apartments.

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