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Most Gorgeous Gardens and Parks In Barcelona

Most Gorgeous Gardens and Parks In Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its great cultural offer with its interesting museums, its beaches and its nightlife, but it is important to mention that Barcelona is also one of the cities in Spain and Europe with the largest green space. It is interesting to note that in 2022 it will host the European Forest Institute as the European Forest City 2022.


Therefore, in today’s article, we want to comment on the most interesting parks to visit in the city of Barcelona. The most impressive natural spaces where you can relax and enjoy a greener side of the city.


Barcelona Gardens: Gaudi Heritage


As we have already mentioned in our previous article about modernist architecture, Antoni Gaudí was one of the maximum representatives of this artistic movement, leaving a very important mark on the city of Barcelona. Not only in its buildings, monuments or furniture but also in beautiful gardens in the city. 


Nature became the source of inspiration for many artists in the 19th century and Gaudi left one of the most important in Barcelona: Park Güell.


However, in the following guide, we want to highlight not only Park Güell but the most impressive natural spaces in Barcelona. In consequence, we have selected a top 5 selection of parks to visit in Barcelona. We hope you enjoy it!


Top 5: Best Parks in Barcelona

Before starting to comment on the best Barcelona parks and gardens, we want to point out that, unlike other European cities, Barcelona experiences comfortable nice weather throughout the year without extreme temperatures, so you can visit the parks at any season of the year. 


Park Güell

Park Guell Barcelona

We couldn’t start our list without mentioning one of the greatest symbols of Barcelona, the Park Güell. This is listed as UNESCO World Heritage and is the second most visited attraction of Barcelona, behind Sagrada Familia, also built by Antoni Gaudí. 


This park is considered one of the most important modernist works from Gaudí, that’s why you can find Gaudí House Museum in one of the houses built in this area. Of course, following the modernist era, Gaudí was inspired by nature and decorated the park with structures that imitate natural and sinuous forms like the waves of the sea.


Park Güell is an enormous park of 17 hectares that was conceived as a residential luxury area of the 19th century that ended up as a park open to everyone. What makes it so special is the rounded shapes of its construction with columns that resemble tree trunks, geometric shapes and figures of animals such as the salamander. In addition, most of the elements are decorated with mosaics made of ceramic pieces of different colours.


If you are planning to visit this park, you must know that every day welcomes around 1,000 visitors, for that reason currently the capacity is limited and it is necessary to buy your ticket in advance through their website. 

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Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park Barcelona
Souce: Wikipedia

This park was the first park specifically designed as a public park and was built in the late 19th century. It has more than a hundred plant species, with many hundred-year-old trees and interesting sculptural groups. Nowadays, it is an area widely used for all kinds of recreational and cultural activities such as festivals or markets. Every year Ciutadella hosted the well-known “Fair for the Earth” a free event that promotes respect for the environment, ecology, solidarity, renewable energies, etc. 


In addition, we wanted to remark on this park as the Ciutadella park contains a great diversity of elements: the monumental waterfall, 19th-century buildings, a lake for taking a romantic boat ride, walks and numerous sculptures. It is undoubtedly a place to disconnect from the city and relax with friends and family while walking or having a picnic. Besides, the park is also 15 minutes from Barceloneta beach so perhaps you can combine both activities. 


Laribal Gardens

laribal garden barcelona

This garden is the first public rose garden to be created in Barcelona for the 1929 Universal Exposition and was designed by the French landscaper Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier. These gardens are located in Montjuic Hill near Joan Miró Foundation and thanks to its location, there are one of Barcelona’s public gardens with the most special views. 


Following the orography of the mountain, the gardens are structured in terraces at different levels, linked by paths and stairways, while the flatter areas are protected from the sun by a series of pergolas. In addition, the design takes advantage of the water that falls from the mountain to incorporate fountains and waterfalls.


The Horta Labyrinth Park

Laberint Horta Barcelona

We could not forget to mention the Horta Labyrinth Park, the oldest and best-preserved garden in the city of Barcelona. This park began to be built in 1794 but it would not be opened to the public until 1971. His architect was the Italian Domenico Bagutti who built a garden with a neoclassical style from the 18th century and a romantic garden from the 19th century. 


This gorgeous park is located on the former estate of the Desvalls family, on a slope of the Collserola mountain range and what makes it special and worth its visit is the spectacular vegetal labyrinth. This labyrinth is built with cypress walls and it has a sculpture in the centre that we must find. The great height of the trees that surround the complex gives a very romantic and harmonious atmosphere that makes The Horta Labyrinth one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona. 


Doctor Pla i Armengol Gardens 

doctor pla armengol park

Finally, we would like to mention Doctor Pla i Armengol Garden which has been recently reopened after a renovation. These gardens have 3.6 hectares and are within the Ravetllat-Pla estate, a neoclassical building from the 1930s. It includes urban gardens, naturalized ponds, a hundred newly planted trees and some 112,000 bushes of 140 different species.


The new gardens are divided into three spaces. There is the noucentista garden, where the historical and artistic heritage has been recovered such as the Venus de Frejús fountain. On the other hand, there are the old stables, where a children’s play area and viewpoints with views of Barcelona have been located. And, finally, we have the southeast area of ​​the gardens, a restricted area where new urban gardens are located and spaces for the promotion of biodiversity are integrated, as well as educational tours.

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