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Most Beautiful Streets In Barcelona

Most Beautiful Streets In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the loveliest cities in the world and, therefore, full of charming streets that host modernist jewels, magical passages, avenues that are known around the world, famous streets to go shopping, and streets that lead us to parks and gardens that transport us to other places or that cross squares where you would stay to watch life go by.

Top 5 Streets in Barcelona

The selection has been complicated, we assure you, and after much debate, this is our selection of the most beautiful streets of Barcelona.

Volta dels Tamborets Street 

Where is it? If you walk along with the Paseo del Born, before reaching the Fossar de Les Moreres, some arches of medieval volumes open to the left, tunnels that give access to narrow streets, the most spectacular of which is the Volta dels Tamborets.

Why do you have to go there? The plants in combination with the green ceramics on the balconies make this place one of the most welcoming corners of the Born. Its cozy stores of handicrafts and utensils connect with the past of the neighborhood but in a ‘cool’ design key, as is the Born of today.

De los Paletes Street

Where is it? Almost at the top of the street Major of Sarrià. If you don’t know it, maybe it will go unrecognized. It’s short, it’s kind of hidden -going up on the left- and it has a strange shape: it makes a 90-degree angle.

Why do you have to go there? To remember that, in addition to the bourgeoisie, in Sarrià also lived workers who, in this case, made the houses. This little corner of low buildings, where you will find the Centre d’Expressió Plàstica Traç (since 1975!), is nice and different access to the quiet square of the Consell de la Vila, where the district headquarters is located and where you can enjoy the terrace of the Bocconi.

Campoamor Street

Where is it? If we get off at the Horta metro station we will notice that it breathes better. But if we go up Horta street we will want to stay and live there.

Why do you have to go there? At the end of the 19th century, the well-to-do families of the city located their summer residences on Calle de Campoamor (then Rambla de Cortada). The street has not lost its charm and walking along it transports us to that former opulence: a series of pastel-colored modernist towers, trees, and silence. We reach the end of the street and surprise: the Ronda de Dalt is right there!

Enric Granados Street

Where is it? On the left side of the Eixample, it runs for 9 blocks. It is a small oasis within the urban fabric of Cerdà because it has only one street and is fully walkable in the last stretch, close to the University.

Why do you have to go? Walking along this street is very pleasant, do it by bike, ride it from Avinguda Diagonal down, taking advantage of the slope. You can feel the charm of the Eixample, one of the most famous districts in Barcelona. At first glance, this street may seem sleepy – but Calle Enric Granados is far from boring. It wakes up at around ten o’clock, and attracts visitors and entertains them in the best way: with cafés, tiny boutiques, second-hand record shops, trendy bars, art galleries, restaurants, old shoemakers, designer shops, and antique furniture.

Baixada de Viladecols

Where is it? It is one of the most charming streets of Ciutat Vella. An artery that connects the Gothic heart of a medieval city with a spectacular archaeological fragment from Roman times.

Why do you have to go? You can start by browsing art galleries and children’s clothing stores, have a bite to eat in a Catalan cuisine restaurant and even an ice cream, but above all, you have to get to the end and enjoy the terraces of the Plaza dels Traginers, sit next to the olive tree, in the shade of a tower with 17 centuries of history.

Barcelona is a magical city to walk around. You can lose between lovely streets at night or spend all day on its famous streets in the best neighborhoods in Barcelona.  What is your favorite? 


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