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Minimalist art: places that follow the rule Less is more

Minimalist art: places that follow the rule Less is more

The minimalist art style is not only reduced to painting and music, but also to sculpture, design, architecture, and furniture, for example. In this sense, nowadays it is common to find minimalist trends, even as minimalist art deco of houses and interior spaces, such as bedrooms, kitchens, or furniture, and many minimalist art galleries in the whole world. 


What is minimalism in art?

The minimalist concept is abstract expressionism in a general way, are different things that have been reduced to the essential and removes the excess materials, to everything that has been reduced to the essential, without excess elements that fill without a sense. 

Minimalist art is a contemporary artistic trend of modern art that emerged in the United States during the 1960s, which has the tendency to reduce their works to the basics, using only the minimum and basic elements, therefore only representations of essential and fundamental things will be seen for the artist, who uses the elementary geometry of the forms, seeking greater expressiveness with minimal resources, being a criticism of the excess and overloading of certain artistic manifestations of the moment, particularly pop art.

One of the main characteristics of minimalism is the use of pure colors, with monochromatic surfaces or backgrounds, of soft tones, predominantly black and white, using a wide range of its varieties and ecru, although tan or black are also used with subtle touches of color to accentuate details and accessories.


Minimalist places in Barcelona

In 1929, during the years in which Europe lived between wars, the consolidated artist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was an abstract expressionist and key reference to the architecture of the 20th century. He went to Barcelona to organize and follow one of the five works that, not long after, would define the modern movement.

The famous german Pavilion was designed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. The building reflects the philosophy of structural simplicity in the creation of free interior spaces and the use of basic and elegant materials such as marble, glass, and steel.

In Barcelona, this is one of the great exponents of minimalism artwork, but if you want to enjoy this artistic movement we have other proposals for you:


Museu del Disseny

The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona is situated at the Plaça de Les Glòries in the district of Poble Nou in the north-east of Barcelona.

Crossing its glass door will take us to an extraordinary universe where art, design (product, fashion, graphic design, decorative arts…), and architecture come together in a space that allows us to experience and understand great works of minimalism between interiors and exteriors.


One of the most representative museums in Barcelona. The building’s American architect, Richard Meier, has clearly designed the museum with a minimalist aesthetic in mind. This is reflected in the all-white walls and the long sloping walkways that replace conventional stairs. As white is seen as an absence of color, space allows the art to take center stage.

MACBA has a collection of more than 5,000 works from the last sixty years accompanied by temporary exhibitions of the highest quality. 

Outdoor Minimalism

As far as minimalism is concerned, the new yorker Beverly Pepper and the german Rebecca Horn. To enjoy the work of the former, we will approach the Parc de la Estació del Nord, relatively close to the Arc de Triomphe, where Cielo Caído concentrates a concept of land and sea between lights and clearings that visibly pay homage to Gaudí.

Horn’s wounded star, on the other hand, lives in front of the sea through four dislocated steel cubes that pay homage to the past Barceloneta and where the instability and the line end up outlining the concrete sense of the work. 


Minimalist art artists

In minimalist art, among the architects, industrial and graphic designers most interested in creating minimalist spaces and products stand out: Donald Judd, one of the fathers of minimalism. Agnes Martin was a brilliant Canadian minimalist painter. Sol LeWitt was an iconic American artist whose work helped to establish both Minimalism and Conceptual Art. Robert Morris is an American sculptor, writer and minimalist, and land art artist. Frank Stella is a minimalist and post-pictorial abstraction artist. Carl Andre is an American sculptor and poet, a prominent figure in the movement known as minimalism.

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