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Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

We have talked about the most romantic restaurants, the best Italians and also the best Japanese, and in today’s article we want to talk about the best Michelin-starred restaurants you can find in Barcelona, and the city has become a great place to enjoy great gastronomy.

Do you want to enjoy the best gastronomy? Read on to discover the best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona.

The best restaurants with a Michelin star in Barcelona


The first and one of the most recognized is the restaurant ABaC of the famous chef Jordi Cruz, and it is that this has achieved the third Michelin star this year 2020 after completing its fourth year. It has become one of the restaurants that offers a greater culinary offer in the entire city since it presents a cuisine proposal that mixes tradition, modernity and product. Through his proposal, Jordi Cruz not only offers a unique meal but he has managed to raise the restaurant’s category to make it an essential of Barcelona’s haute cuisine.

The ABac restaurant in Barcelona


Lasarte together with the ABaC restaurant has become another of the great restaurants in Barcelona and this one is by Martín Berasategui and refers to the name of the chef’s hometown. Despite the fact that it is the Berasategui restaurant, the great chef of Lasarte is the Italian Paola Casagrande and it is thanks to the work of both, they have managed to make Lasarte the second restaurant with three Michelin stars in Barcelona after ABaC.

The Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona

Cinc Sentits

Another restaurant that you cannot miss in Barcelona if you enjoy great gastronomy is the restaurant, Cinc Sentits which is that Jordi Artal achieved the second Michelin star after having achieved the first one in 2004. Through a short menu or Tasting depending on the season, Artal shows its commitment to local gastronomy and therefore, through its cuisine, it intends to transmit its experience and its roots through a meal that blends modern Catalan cuisine with the best local products. 

This experience not only aims to guarantee through its food but also through its restaurant thanks to the three differentiated spaces that the diner will be able to observe: the living room or dining room, the chef’s table prepared for large groups who want to enjoy the open kitchen or even a more reserved place for those seeking more privacy.  

The Cinc Sentits restaurant in Barcelona

Cocina Hermanos Torres 

The Hermanos Torres, Javier and Sergio, have also become one of the best known chefs. Thanks to their work, they have managed to obtain two Michelin stars and that is because their workplace stands out for being an open space where the diner is allowed to be one of the protagonists of the experience since they can be in direct contact with the chef. In addition, all the people who visit the restaurant Cocina Hermanos Torres can enjoy a wine cellar, an aperitif area and even their own pastry shop. Together with these rooms, they will be able to observe the training room and another for R&D, which are places where the Torres brothers’ culinary operations are established. 

The Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant in Barcelona


The last restaurant that we want to highlight is Disfrutar, and that is because Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Cañas, after having cooked in one of the best known restaurants such as El Bulli de Ferran Adrià, decided to open their own restaurant. First, they created the restaurant Compartir which is in Cadaqués and it was inaugurated in 2012. After the success of Compartir, they decided to open Enjoy in Barcelona where they offer 4 different menus through which they show their most iconic creations combined with others from the new season. 

The Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona

We hope this post will help you decide what to eat in Barcelona if you are looking for the best Michelin Star restaurants in the big city. 


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