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Meet the best bars in Barcelona!

Meet the best bars in Barcelona!

Is there anything better than being on vacation and enjoying the best bars in the city? If you like to do it, Barcelona is the perfect place to do it. In each of the neighborhoods, there are numerous bars both to enjoy a good afternoon and to go at night.

Next, we will help you discover the best bars in Barcelona, ​​whether for wine, beers, or a cocktail. 

The best rooftop bars in Barcelona

As we have mentioned, Barcelona offers a wide variety of bars, among which the rooftops stand out. Enjoying the good weather of Barcelona and its views is already possible thanks to these terraces where you can enjoy a good time. 


  1. Arola at Hotel Arts Barcelona. The Hotel Arts in Barcelona is one of the best known in the city. If you go to its well-known rooftop you will enjoy great views of the sea and the city. It is a modern terrace where you can enjoy a quiet and relaxed space while enjoying a great tapas or contemporary menu accompanied by the best drinks.
  2. Terrat at Mandarin Oriental Barcelona. In Terrat you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the city. This terrace is located on the roof of the Mandarin Oriental hotel and you can enjoy great drinks and cocktails while watching the great sunset.
  3. La Isabela at Hotel 1898. The terrace of the H 1898 refers to one of the best islands in the Philippines, La Isabella. This will give you great calm and tranquility since it is considered an oasis in the city of Barcelona where you can see the best skyline in the city of Barcelona at any time.

Tapas bars in Barcelona

If what you prefer is to enjoy a great tapas bar in Barcelona, ​​here are our recommendations for the best tapas bars in Barcelona. 


  1. Bar del Pla is one of the tapas bars that Barcelona residents like the most. It is a cozy place that serves high quality but also affordable food in a very relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy seasonal and fresh food, this makes the menu vary depending on these.   
  2. El Puestu is a bar with great decoration but stands out above all for its chef trained at the Basque Culinary Center. In El Puestu, you can enjoy great tapas made with the quality of haute cuisine.
  3. Quimet i Quimet is one of the best-known tapas bars in Barcelona. You will be able to enjoy high-quality dishes and also a large assortment of bottles, with more than 500 bottles of wine. It stands out above all for sandwiches and tapas prepared on the bar.

Cocktail bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with great nightlife, and more and more you can find great cocktail bars in the city as they have become more popular. Next, we leave you a small list of recommendations so that you can discover the best cocktail bars in Barcelona and you can enjoy great flavors. 


  1. Negroni is a cocktail bar located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​specifically, in the Raval neighborhood. This cocktail bar bets and mixes a classic style but in a contemporary environment. Currently, it is one of the reference cocktail bars in the city of Barcelona and has the barman Daniel Gómez who creates different cocktails based on the tastes of each of the clients. 
  2. Marmalade Bar is a restaurant but also a cocktail bar that stands out for being an intimate space with four independent environments. This bar offers an outstanding cocktail menu where you can enjoy the most select preparations. The bartenders prepare the best cocktails in town so you can enjoy original cocktails with a great mix of flavors.
  3. Dr. Stravinsky is considered one of the best cocktail bars in the city of Barcelona. It is located in the El Born neighborhood and stands out above all for its mysterious atmosphere and because 70% of the menu is their own production, that is, they themselves create all the drinks they serve from the beginning. 

Cocktail bars in Barcelona

The best speakeasy bars in Barcelona

As we have already mentioned, Barcelona offers more and more great cocktail bars where you can enjoy a great variety of flavors and cocktails. Many of the bars are usually located in the most central parts of the city of Barcelona, ​​it is for this reason that below we are going to show you a series of recommendations of the clandestine bars of the city of Barcelona where you can enjoy great cocktails and drinks in more intimate places.  


  1. Dry Martini is one of the most mysterious places in the city of Barcelona, ​​it is a classic bar in the city and the favorite of many for a long time. It began as a bar where only Dry Martini was served, however, currently, they offer many varieties of cocktails and all of them of great elaboration. Despite the fact that a password is no longer required to enter, Dry Martini has managed to preserve its mysterious and original atmosphere.
  2. Paradiso was a clandestine bar and cocktail bar which was located behind a store and although the mystery has already been discovered, in order to enter the cocktail bar you still have to go through the refrigerator door and be able to enjoy good cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere and more modern.
  3. Antic Teatre we wanted to include it in this list because of its location. It is located next to the Palau de la Música in a hidden place. Unlike the other bars, you can enjoy a very quiet atmosphere as it is located on a terrace with a garden. It is considered to be an oasis in the city since it is located inside a building and you can enjoy both food, drink and cocktails.

If wine is your thing, these are the best bars to go to in Barcelona

If you are interested in enjoying good wine, Barcelona also has numerous bars where you can enjoy different wines. 


  1. Monvínic is a restaurant with great wine culture and therefore, it includes in its menus the best wines that you can find in the city of Barcelona. Besides being a restaurant, you can also find a library, a wine bar and a cellar with more than 3,000 wines from around the world.
  2. Vinoteca Torres stands out for being “a kitchen made to enjoy wine and wines made to enjoy cooking”. This restaurant located on Paseo de Gracia stands out for offering great gastronomy and for its choice of wines. In this way, the menu is designed so that each of the dishes is accompanied by a good glass of wine.

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