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Japanese restaurants in Barcelona

Japanese restaurants in Barcelona

Although Barcelona is a city with great gastronomy and typical Catalan dishes, it is also a city that has and welcomes many other gastronomic cultures. Among them, the Japanese culture stands out since you can find a selection of excellent sushi restaurants. 

Do you feel like going to a sushi restaurant? Here is a list of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona:


Best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona



This Japanese restaurant is located in the Gracia neighborhood and you can find two different establishments. Kibuka fuses Western cuisine with the most traditional Japanese food and stands out for offering menus with the most exclusive flavors that you can experience in Japanese restaurants. Not only can you enjoy a great meal but you can also taste cocktails in a quiet and intimate atmosphere. 


Kynoto Sushi Bar

Kynoto is located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and is a restaurant that offers some of the best sushis in Spain, offers high-quality products made at the moment and combines them with great dishes. It is characterized by being an elegant and warm restaurant thanks to its lighting in red tones and above all, because it only has six tables, so the service is attentive and individualized. 



Parco is for many THE Japanese of the city of Barcelona and is considered one of the best restaurants. You will enjoy a Japanese meal with touches of the West where it is very much respected as one of the best products of the city, in his letter highlights especially its incredible sushi and sashimi. All this you will do in a very relaxed atmosphere and quality thanks to the tenuous light that will do that you feel in a very intimate space. 


Matsuri Sushi Bar 

This is a well-known restaurant so a reservation must be made well in advance. It is a place that offers a warm and elegant atmosphere where you can enjoy appetizers and main dishes where the handmade sushi stands out with spicy and sweet touches to offer a unique flavor to the diners. 


Sato I Tanaka 

In this restaurant you will not only enjoy good food but you will also enjoy a gastronomic experience. There are only 15 seats divided into two rooms which are located around the sushi chefs, in this way, they prepare all the food in front of you through a show. Enjoy some of the best menus in Barcelona with the best value for money. 



This restaurant is also located in Gracia, and although it is relatively new in the city of Barcelona, ​​its chef is not. Enjoy great dishes made by Chef Nobuyuki Kawai, a well-known chef who has worked in one of the most important restaurants in Tokyo.  


Japanese restaurants in Barcelona rated in the Michelin guide  

If you are looking for a greater gastronomic experience, then we recommend 3 Japanese restaurants with a Michelin star. 


Koy Shunka 

This restaurant is among one of the best Japanese restaurants in the entire city of Barcelona. With an open kitchen, users can enjoy and see how the chefs prepare classic food and how they combine all the ingredients to offer a unique experience to the visitors. Koy Shunka stands out for not being a usual restaurant thanks to the various dishes it offers, this led to its first Michelin star in 2018. 


Minamo Barcelona

Minamo is a well-known restaurant on the Costa Brava that is now coming to the city of Barcelona. It offers a culinary experience through a spectacular setting in which diners can enjoy great dishes. In Minamo, you will enjoy a new experience since, you will dine surrounded by butterflies while you are tasting sophisticated dishes, each one more surprising than the last.  



Finally, we wanted to include the Pakta restaurant by Albert Adrià due to the fusion of flavors that he makes by joining the Japanese and Peruvian traditions, thus achieving totally new flavors for people’s palates. Currently, this Michelin-starred restaurant is in search of new flavors to offer its users by merging Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

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