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Barcelona, ​​a holiday destination

Barcelona, ​​a holiday destination

Due to the situation we are currently living in and as a result of Covid-19, we have had to postpone our trips and vacations. Despite this, sometime in the near future we will be able to enjoy the long trips with family and friends, and above all we will plan a good vacation again. 

It is for this reason that in today’s article we want to comment on why the city of Barcelona has become one of the best vacation destinations. 

Why is Barcelona the best destination for a vacation? 

Currently, Barcelona has become one of the most diverse cities in all of Europe due to its culture, its traditions and the combination of these with the most innovative experiences. And it is that as a consequence of this, Barcelona has become one of the best tourist cities and therefore one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe. 

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. It is a totally incomparable city where you can make thousands of plans, all of them different for all types of audiences and tastes. 

What to see and do in Barcelona during your holidays

Next, we will show you different things to do in Barcelona so that you know the best places and the most essential places that you have to see and you cannot miss if you visit Barcelona or live in this great city.  

Strolling through its large neighborhoods 

Walking and getting lost in the neighborhoods of Barcelona is one of the best plans you can do, and that is the only way you can find unique streets and very special places. The oldest neighborhood in Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter and this is also one of the busiest since it is located in the heart of the city. 

You can start your walk in Plaza Catalunya and go through Las Ramblas, walk through one of the most famous streets in Barcelona and reach the Columbus monument. If you prefer to get lost in the streets of this great city, you can choose to stroll through smaller streets until you reach the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​Plaza Sant Jaume or Plaza del Pi. All these places have great charm so it will be a great walk. 

Visiting the most important monuments

While you walk and discover the great streets of Barcelona, ​​you cannot miss the most important monuments and observe one of the main characteristics of the city, such as its impressive architecture. As we commented in our previous article about the best architecture in Barcelona, you cannot miss the great Basilica of the Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudí and, although it is not yet finished, they are still impressive. Visit La Pedrera and Casa Milà, and above all, you must stroll through the magnificent gardens of Park Güell. 

Eating in the best restaurants

Another reason why Barcelona has become one of the favorite destinations for many people is it’s perfect and wide gastronomy. In Barcelona, ​​as we mentioned in the article about the best bars in Barcelona, ​​you can enjoy a very varied Mediterranean food for all tastes. You can eat in the best tapas bars such as Bar del Pla, Quimet i Quimet, El Puestu or even enjoy some of the Michelin Star restaurants most luxuriousin the city. 

Bathing in some of its beaches

Finally, we want to highlight another of the main characteristics and why it makes Barcelona one of the best cities to make a perfect vacation. Barcelona has numerous beaches perfect to enjoy a swim in summer or even a relaxing morning in winter. You can stroll along the beach promenade Barceloneta Beach, one of the most famous, or you can even enjoy the best restaurants in the area. 

And also, just 2 hours away by car you can enjoy another of the best places in Catalonia such as the Costa Brava and its magnificent coves with crystal clear water. 

If you still have reasons to come to Barcelona, ​​we recommend that you continue reading our articles where we will continue commenting on the best plans and the best things you can do in this great city.  


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