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If your dream is living in one of the best cities in the world, in your own luxury apartment and to enjoy the most comfortable life, then you have arrived at the right place. The Residencial Travessera de Dalt in Barcelona offers you an unique ground floor apartment for sale in a privileged location, that has been built according to the highest standards of environmental friendly building.

Every little detail of the Residencial, and of the ground floor apartment, was designed to make possible a peaceful living. It is a ground floor flat that is actually higher because of the location of the building, which is on a hill, so it is really similar to a first floor. Do not miss others advantages of the location of our building and discover the amazing adventure that can give you the Gracia´s District.

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3 bedroom ground floor apartment in Barcelona


The ground floor apartment is ideal for a family that is searching for a home with extra space. We offer you 3 bedrooms, where the main room is more than 16 sqm and the other two are also of a great size: more than 9 sqm each. This layout is incredibly pleasant and allows you to make different schemes or choices when the time of reorganizing your house comes.

The main bedroom has a beautiful bathroom in-suite, natural afternoon light and it is connected to the playground. This one is a fabulous place to make it more private than the outside terrace. It is a 29 sqm surface and it could become your favorite space of the flat where you read your books and enjoy yourself some quiet time.


152.46 m2


66,91 M2






553.000 €

Features of the 3 bedroom ground floor apartment


One of the main features of the entire building is the qualification of Ecobuilding, which means that it is designed and built with the most high-quality sustainable features, materials and systems so that your apartment is easy to condition, to live in and as a plus it contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Another luxury feature of the 3 bedroom ground floor is the huge space that offers, taking into account a fully equipped kitchen and the living room. This will give your family the cozy home you were looking for. 

In addition, the wonderful outside terrace will allow you to enjoy the idyllic climate of Barcelona, with its awesome sunny days the entire year.

The 3 bedroom ground floor apartment is definitely a luxury flat because of its wide rooms, its excellent building design, its magnificent terminations and the high-quality of every single one of the materials used and all of the doors and windows chosen. Also, nowadays, luxury comes in hand with a sustainable living, in a home where all of its details were optimized in order to be eco-friendly.

In Luxury Real Estate Barcelona we have specialized in luxury properties and we can assure you that Residencial Travessera de Dalt is an unique deluxe place to live, its location, building design and all of its features are the exact definition of luxury.

 RECEIVER  5.672
 LIVING ROOM  25.84m2
 KITCHEN  9.04m2
 HALL  2.93m2
 BEDROOM 1  16.16m2
 BEDROOM 2  9.35m2
 BEDROOM 3  9.32m2
 BATHROOM 1  3.39m2
 BATHROOM 2  3.36m2
 PLAYGROUND  29.08m2
groundfloor apartment for sale in barcelona

3D plan of the apartment

3d plan view of one of our apartments.

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