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Best Barcelona architecture

Best Barcelona architecture

Barcelona is a city that not only stands out for its great gastronomy or for its leisure activities as we have mentioned through articles such as which are the best bars or where to spend a great afternoon shopping. And it is that Barcelona is also a city that stands out for having one of the most impressive architectures. 

5 great works of architecture in Barcelona

It is for this reason that we will now take a tour of the best architecture in the city of Barcelona. 

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is possibly one of the most emblematic and well-known buildings in the entire city of Barcelona. The famous architect Antoni Gaudí started this great project in 1882 even though it is currently not completed in 2021. The Sagrada Familia has become Gaudí’s largest and most famous work, and it is through it that he combines Gothic forms with aspects of Art Nouveau. 

In addition to the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí was also responsible for creating great architectural works such as the well-known Park Güell

Palau de la Música Catalana

The next big building that we want to comment on in this short list is the Palau de la Música Catalana. This was designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner in 1908 and is a great representation of the modernist style that surrounds the city of Barcelona. It is important to comment that during the construction of this building, Gaudí had already carried out many projects, so a great influence of this artist can be seen. 

Casa Milà

We cannot fail to include in this top 5 the Casa Milà or popularly known as La Pedrera. This was also built by Gaudí between 1906 and 1912 and created it as his last private residence. Despite the fact that when it was finished construction it was considered to be a very modern work for its time, currently, it has become one of the most emblematic of the city of Barcelona together with Casa Batlló, another of the great buildings of Antoni Gaudí and which is a few minutes from La Pedrera. 

The Cathedral of Barcelona 

Another of the most well-known buildings that you will surely have discovered while walking through Barcelona is the Cathedral of Barcelona. This is located in the heart of the city and despite the fact that it was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, the author is unknown. The Cathedral took approximately 150 years to build and is a construction dedicated to Eulalia, the patron saint of Barcelona. 

Torre Agbar 

The last building that we want to include among the best buildings in Barcelona is the well-known Torre Glòries or better known around the world as Torre Agbar. This was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel who was inspired by all the work done by Gaudí to create his own architectural projects. Over the years, the Torre Agbar has become a great building in Barcelona as it changed the structure of the Barcelona skyline. 

5 contemporary buildings in Barcelona

After commenting on some of the most emblematic buildings in the city of Barcelona, ​​we also want to comment on 5 of the contemporary buildings. 

Suites Avenue 

The first one we want to include is Suites Avenue, this one was designed by architect Toyo Ito in 2009 and is located in front of Gaudí’s La Pedrera. Through the combination of this type of building, it is demonstrated how many architectural styles coexist in Barcelona, ​​thus creating a unique city. Suites Avenue stands out above all for the design of its stainless steel facade. 

Walden 7

The next building that we want to comment on is known as Walden 7. This is possibly one of the buildings with a very different structure and the architect, Ricardo Bofill, decided to create an urban building with three large blocks that form a single building in a very creative way since when joined, they form a single building. 

Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel

Another of the buildings that we want to include in this top 5 of contemporary buildings is the Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, this, like the Agbar Tower, was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel and is a building that stands out above all Because it resembles a vertical jungle and is that in this tower of 110 meters high there is a palm garden that continues vertically throughout the structure. 

Els Encants 

The next contemporary building that we want to highlight is Els Encants or also called Mercat de Bellcaire. This is one of the oldest markets in Europe and in 2013 it was moved to a new place through an impressive 3-story structure. The construction was carried out by b720 Arquitectos and through the design it was intended to differentiate itself from the traditional structure model. In addition, this construction is in front of the Torre Agbar mentioned above. 

Hotel Porta Fira

The last building we want to include is also a hotel and it was designed by two architects that we have already mentioned in this article as Hotel Porta Fira was designed by Toyo Ito and b720. Together, they have created two towers that are opposite each other and are intended to be a hotel and offices. Despite the fact that they are contemporary buildings, it is important to note that they complement each other perfectly.  


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