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Eco building categorized as the best energetic qualification (A) to reduce all environmental impact.

Environmental friendly building

Our environmentally friendly building is designed with the most high-quality sustainable features so you can reduce your energy consumption.

Passive Systems:

  • Eco-friendly building with the most optimal solar orientation
  • Solar light comfort through controlled natural lighting
  • Ventilated facades with an air chamber, which guarantee greater insulation by reducing the energy demand of the building.
  • Architectural design that facilitates cross ventilation in homes and improves air quality inside.

Active systems:

  • Air conditioning system (heating and cooling) and hot water production through an aerothermal system, considered renewable energy and high energy efficiency
  • Forced ventilation system that allows air and window renewal with natural micro ventilation systems.

A set of sustainable features that goes beyond energy efficiency, since it contributes directly to your welfare by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Sustainable living

Ecofriendly materials

Our environmentally friendly apartments have been built with the most eco-friendly materials, the facade composition will guarantee you the greatest insulation to avoid thermal bridges:

  • Flat eco-friendly roofs with thermal insulation and double waterproofing fabric.
  • Facade with SATE system (External Thermal Insulation System) that guarantees a reduction in the energy demand of the house.

Our most advanced active systems will make your eco-friendly apartment one of the most energy efficient to reduce your environmental impact:

  • Fixed and mobile aluminum slat panels as solar protection of homes with a facade across Travessera de Dalt.
  • Exterior carpentry with thermal break and double glazing with air chamber.
  • Aluminum slatted roller blinds with thermal insulation, in the bedrooms.
  • Energy saving lights in indoor and outdoor community areas of the building.
  • HVAC system and production of domestic hot water through the aerothermal system, considered renewable energy and high energy efficiency.

Natural cross ventilation system, which allows the renewal of the air and that implies an improvement of the indoor air and an energy saving.

Double discharge toilets and faucets prepared for the reduction of water consumption.

Design and size of the windows to bring the most natural light inside your eco apartment and achieve a correct natural lighting in each of the rooms.

In this way, the need for artificial lighting during the day and your energy consumption is reduced.

Excellent composition of facades and divisions between homes, with high quality thermal and acoustic insulation that allows greater independence between homes and outside.

Maximum Energy Rating (A)

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3 Bedrooms - Hillside

3 Bedrooms Groundfloor - Hillside

1 Bedroom Penhthouse - Hillside