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Do you want to move to Spain? Things you should know

Do you want to move to Spain? Things you should know

Spain is a great country to start a new life and offers a really good quality of life. That, among other reasons, is why so many people want to move to Spain. If you are one of those, this post is perfect for you, since we will give you a few tips to help you in your decision and arrangements.

First of all, you should know that since your arrival in Spain you will have 90 days in which you can stay as a tourist. Since day 91, the Spanish system will consider you as an illegal resident. But not to worry, because, from the moment you arrive, you can start doing a lot of the legal procedures in order to achieve Spanish residence.


You want to move to Spain: immigration procedures

If you are planning to move to Spain, one of our most important tips is that you plan this thoroughly and investigate all the requirements in the Spanish consulate, in your home country.

There are a few different immigration procedures and you need to figure out which is the most convenient in your particular situation. It could be a work permit, a non-lucrative visa, and many others. 

If you have the possibility of making an important inversion in Spain, we recommend that you inform yourself about the Spanish Golden Visa and look for help in the real estate business. Contact us if you need assistance and guidance to get your visa this way, at Luxury Real Estate Barcelona, we will be pleased to help you.

Instead, if you are looking to get a work permit, the immigration procedures will include that you will have to open a bank account, assure your health insurance and follow all the legal procedures to obtain an NIE number, which, in Spanish, means foreigners identity number. Once you achieve the NIE, other different procedures open, like the possibility of obtaining your social security number.

We always recommend that you consult Spanish consulate and immigration lawyers so that you know precisely what to do and how to manage your legal situation in Spain.


Moving to Spain: Benefits for EU citizens

If you are moving to Spain and are an EU citizen, there are certain benefits that you should know of. You won’t have to apply for a regular residence permit, instead, you will need to get an EU registry certificate

This benefit is because of the Schengen agreements, that help you, as a European Union citizen, to easily obtain legal residence in Spain, in a really fast way.


Benefits of moving to Spain

Moving to Spain has a lot of benefits. We assure you that you will love life in Spain. It is a beautiful, huge, and diverse country. Spain is very well-known for its cultural diversity: as you travel around the country you find that each region has its own history, habits, and its own gastronomy, which is always delicious.

The quality of life is excellent, the climate is great, far better than any other European country, especially in comparison with northern countries. 

The cost of living is also lower than in other EU countries. As it happens all over the world, life in big cities, like Madrid or Barcelona, is more expensive, but the opportunities are bigger in these cosmopolitan cities.

You will find that Spanish citizens are very tolerant and open and because of its cultural diversity, you will be able to meet people from different countries.

We hope this post has helped you in your plans to move to Spain.

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