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Best Costa Brava beaches and coves near Barcelona

Best Costa Brava beaches and coves near Barcelona

The beaches of Catalonia are unique in the world. Catalonia has one of the most picturesque coastlines in all of the Mediterranean with kilometers of unbroken beaches popping up along the entire length of the region, often with very few buildings around them. 

The coves are inlets, small bays where the sea seeps in; they are usually more secluded, discreet, and, above all, much less accessible than beaches. In a way, they are something like natural finds. Not to mention the impressive rock formations, the colorful sand, its crystal-clear waters, or the pine forests that give the landscapes that magical touch.

We want a summer of sun and sand on the Costa Brava, and if we can ask for something more, we ask for beautiful and hidden places in “chiringuitos” ( popular bars and restaurants in the Costa Brava ).

How far is costa brava from Barcelona

The Costa Brava starts in the town of Blanes (70 kilometers north of the city of Barcelona) and ends in Portbou, on the French border.

There are 214 kilometers of road. Such southern towns as Blanes and Lloret de Mar can be easily reached by train from Barcelona. But the rest of the coastal towns are much harder to access if you don’t have a car.

The ideal is to travel it by car or motorcycle and stop in its small villages, contemplating its extraordinary landscapes, eating in its restaurants.

And how not? knowing the most tempting coves that you stumble upon along the way.

Top 5: Costa Brava best beaches and calas 

We have taken a look at some of our favorite and most hidden beaches and coves in Catalonia.

Cala Estreta (Palamós)

In Palamós you can find some of the most beautiful coves and beaches of the Costa Brava, S’Alguer is an example of this. To arrive at Cala Estreta you will have to get there after 20 minutes walking from the beach of Es Castell or by boat. As you can see it is not easy to access, but your visit will be worth it.

With just over 100 meters long and crescent-shaped, in this cove, the only human presence recorded is only a few bathers. As curiosity about this place is that it has an old fisherman’s hut, which was already referred to in the fifteenth century, although the structure you can see belongs to the last century.

Cala Futadera (Tossa de Mar)

Also known as the “la Cala dels 300 Graons” (Beach of the 300 steps) or Pentine is located in Tossa de Mar. This virgin beach that usually has a remarkably low occupation is known for the 300 steps that separate it from civilization. Again, the forests full of pine trees and crystal turquoise waters make this cove a small paradise that is a little difficult to access.

Cala Futadera is a naturist beach, so you can practice nudism without getting in trouble. On this friendly beach, you have the possibility of anchoring a small boat to spend the afternoon and contemplate the incredible sunsets offered by this unique location.

Platja de l’Illot (Tarragona)

Literally translated as Islet Beach, it is in L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona. This beach has crystal-clear waters and represents one of the biggest attractions of this small town. To get to the beach you must leave the car on one of the nearby roads and walk for about 5 minutes through the GR 92 trail. Although it is not an overly complicated trail, it is advisable to use appropriate footwear to reach the beach, in addition to bringing your own food and refreshments, since you will not find any type of bar, shop, or restaurant.

The feeling of being apart from the world is one of the most striking features of this beach, which despite being relatively close to the train tracks, gives its visitors this impression of tranquility. Also, its green forests, its red rocks, and the different tonalities of the sea.

Cala de Aigua-Xelida (Palafrugell)

The rocks, the pine trees, and the turquoise sea have always endowed it with a special charm, and it is not that the rest of the coves are not beautiful but it is one of the few that can boast of appearing in contemporary work. The cove of Aigua Xèl-lida was the first stop of the writer Josep Pla in his book ‘Un viatge frustrat’

The Calella de Palafrugell measurements are perfect for those seeking tranquility: 25 meters long and 12 m wide. You can get there walking from Tamariu along the Camí de Ronda or you can do it by car up to Avi Xicu street and then walk along the path to the cove.

Cala Aiguablava (Begur)

The cove of Aiguablava is the essence of the Costa Brava, where the beautiful natural environment and crystal clear waters are mixed. It belongs to Begur, and is located south of Fornells, is fine golden sand about 75 m long and 25 m wide and shallow waters. You can find a medieval castle, coastal paths, coves, beaches, hiking areas, beach bars, etc…

One of its most beautiful coves is surely the Cala Aiguablava. Once you get there, it is impossible not to feel like you are on a Caribbean island, because of the white sand and its calm crystal clear waters.

It is an ideal plan after discovering Barcelona. Check out what you can do on holidays. 

This is our list from Luxury Real Estate Barcelona of stunning hidden beaches near Barcelona, wonderful beaches, and lovely coves that you can visit on one or two days trips. ¡Enjoy!  

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