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Best Restaurants in Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Best Restaurants in Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Sarrià and Sant Gervasi, where in the past some of the most beautiful villas were congregated and only the wealthiest had access, nowadays, it hosts clients from all parts of the city in search of a select culinary offer worthy of the noblest palates. 

It is a neighborhood that we like, so now we show you the restaurants where we enjoy the most. Do you want to enjoy the best gastronomy in Sant Gervasi? Read on to discover the Best Restaurants in Sarrià Sant-Gervasi in Barcelona. 

TOP 6: Restaurants in Sarrià Sant Gervasi

Fermí Puig

Fermí Puig is an institution of Catalan and Barcelona gastronomy. A wise man with magnificent didactic gifts as he demonstrates in radio programs and in the kitchen of Fermí Puig, his restaurant, from which he vindicates the corpus of Catalan gastronomy with traditional dishes passed through the sieve of the XXI century. No chef in Barcelona knows better how to bring the aromas of autumn to the pots. For Puig, the truffle is a diamond in the hands of the best polishers in Antwerp. 


Michelin-starred since 2004, Hofmann Restaurant offers a cooking philosophy that combines traditional techniques and methods, with strong Mediterranean roots, based on respect and selection of the best ingredients. Seasonal with a surprisingly simple presentation. Exceptional cuisine, with traditional cookbooks and Catalan cuisine to incorporate, if necessary, the most innovative techniques. Located at the top of Barcelona, ​​the restaurant has a main lobby and two private rooms. 

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Elegance is one of the most important signs of Antigua, with a romantic decoration based on exposed brick walls and ocher and orange colors. Background music plays and invites you to eat in a relaxed way. In the restaurant, they know very well how to take care of their customers, since personal service is always present because, as they say, “We look for a formula of service and simple, tasty and refined cuisine”. The restaurant also has a dining room for celebrations of all kinds. 

As for Antigua’s menu, the chef lets his imagination run wild, combining Mediterranean market cuisine with his personal and signature touches, thus achieving original dishes with a particular flavor.


Eduard Ros cooks in front of the 6 diners who can currently fill his bar and his 28m2 premises. Ros, who is a seemingly distant past used to write gastronomic reviews while working as a lawyer, now convinces from the other side, exposing himself to the customer’s palate.

Every day, except Sundays, the restaurant fills up at lunch or dinner time with curious onlookers and parishioners of Ros’s honest and sincere cuisine. There are no-frills, but there is chup chup and flavor. And creativity because he knows well how to elevate traditional tastes to make them taste like new. Book in advance to enjoy the blanched peas with smoked sardine, stracciatella, and mint, the tear peas with caviar, or the sweet Coca with anchovy 00 Santoña, this bar is very, very coveted!

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Casa Varela

Casa Varela is a classic in every sense: not only because it has been in the neighborhood (specifically in Plaça Molina) for a decade, but also because its dishes are the perfect comfort food and the service is exquisite. It is like a large dining room where great moments happen, especially if accompanied by the classic macaroni of “Varela” with Iberian feather, the celebrated rice with sausage, and trumpets of death or sins in the form of dessert that are their chocolate fritters.

The wine list is varied and there is something for all tastes and pockets. And this philosophy is, in essence, what marks this charismatic restaurant: experiences for everyone. The terrace, very well conditioned, is a plus to enjoy, as well as its uninterrupted kitchen format.

Casa Tejada

Casa Tejada, or how to travel to the fishing enclave of Arcachon (France) without leaving Sarrià. Chefs Romain Fornell and Oscar Manresa joined forces at the end of 2018 to create this bistrôt-tapas and bar-à-huîtres concept from the Goût Rouge group. Set in the typical fisherman’s huts, which permeate the style and taste of a room with the freshest and noblest products of the sea.

Au menu? A variety of seafood tapas and oysters to share (hot or cold and with different sauces), followed by an exotic grilled salmon with miso, or Japanese cut entrecôte with txogitxu sauce.

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