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Best neighborhoods in Barcelona

Best neighborhoods in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great cosmopolitan, urban and innovative city that has become one of the favorite destinations to live. In the city we can find specifically 73 neighborhoods and each one of them has its own characteristics and advantages. If you are thinking of living in Barcelona for a season, this article is perfect for you as we will discuss which are the best neighborhoods to live in. 

The best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona


Pedralbes is known as the luxury and wellness area of ​​Barcelona and for this reason, it has always been considered one of the best areas to live. In addition to being considered an exclusive area, the Pedralbes neighborhood is a place that offers much more thanks to its green areas where you can do family activities such as enjoying a good walk and it is important to highlight the great tranquility that you will find in this neighborhood thanks also to the absence of a large number of commerce. 


Also, it is important to comment that in addition to large green areas, in Pedralbes you can find great sports clubs and some of the best schools in Barcelona. 


Gracia neighborhood is totally different from Pedralbes, despite the fact that it is also one of the favorites to live in for many people and this neighborhood perfectly represents the great combination of things you can find in Barcelona. It is considered as a small city or even as a small town where new and old buildings, large squares and many green spaces are mixed. Specifically, Gracia has become one of the favorite neighborhoods for many young people due to the great cultural atmosphere that exists along its streets. 


Another of the best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona is Sarrià, and this is also considered one of the most luxurious and exclusive areas of Barcelona. Unlike Pedralbes, in Sarrià we can find many more shops since you can find everything you need in one place. Thanks to its buildings and their aesthetics, Sarrià is considered to be a small town within the city. 

Las Tres Torres 

Las Tres Torres has become one of the best alternatives for all those people who want to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Barcelona and be luxurious. And it is that Las Tres Torres stands out for being considered one of the most residential neighborhoods in the entire city. As in Sarrià, you can find large single-family homes as exclusive and quality properties stand out. 

Vallvidrera and Tibidabo

Finally, we want to highlight the neighborhood of Vallvidrera and Tibidabo, and it is that this has become one of the best neighborhoods for all those who want to enjoy the best views of Barcelona. Formerly, the Vallvidrera and Tibidabo areas were considered vacation areas and over the years, it has become a common residential area for many families. Nature, Tibidabo and the great views of the city are the main characteristics of this area of ​​Barcelona to live. 


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