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Best cocktail bars in Barcelona

Best cocktail bars in Barcelona

Barcelona´s nightlife has a lot of surprises to offer. This city is famous because of its `Vermuterias´and Tapas bars, but there are places to cover all tastes and pleasures and cocktail bars are the latest trend in the night, and day, of Barcelona. 

The exceptional innovation of Barcelona to be always in the latest trend is another great reason to consider it as one of the best cities in the world to invest in. Have you thought of buying an apartment in Barcelona?

The cocktails bars are one of the great places you can visit when you get here. You will find some classic bars, others cosy and small, and if you know how to look, you´ll find the hidden cocktail bars that will overwhelm your senses.

Keep on reading to learn more about the best cocktail bars in Barcelona!

What are the best cocktail bars in Barcelona?

If you are a gin and tonic fan or really enjoy drinking a new cocktail you have never tasted, you have to meet these spots in Barcelona.

Dry Martini

The star in this bar is, of course, the Dry Martini, so that´s your first drink here. Dry Martini is worldwide known as one of the best cocktail bars on the planet. This makes it a must in your Barcelona night out.

Located in the heart of the Eixample, Dry Martini is usually pretty busy, but it is definitively a traditional cocktail that is worth the visit. Let it surprise you with its drinks, its leather seats, its antiques, and wooden cabinets displaying a large collection of good bottles, mixed with modern music.

Bobby Gin

Bobby Gin is the place in Barcelona to taste a great gin and tonic. This cocktail bar in the beautiful neighborhood of Gracia has a wide variety of Gins: more than 80 to choose from.

And if you are new to G&T´s art, the bartender will help you to decide how you want your drink. They also have a good menu of tapas and other delicacies.

A great plan for your night out would be to have dinner in one of the best restaurants of Gracia and after to go to Bobby Gin and enjoy an exotic Gin and Tonic.

Pastrami Bar: El Paradiso Cocktail Bar   

El Paradiso is a speakeasy bar hidden behind a fridge door in Pastrami Bar, which is obviously a sandwich place where you can get an excellent pastrami sandwich. Inside El Paradiso, you will find the cocktail bar that won in 2014 the award to the best cocktail mixologist, Giacomo Gianotti. They offer creative signature cocktails at reasonable prices, which means a lot in the cocktail world.

Enjoy a drink made with great ingredients from Santa Caterina Market and relax while you get to see how they make their cocktails, it is a real piece of art.


This is another must in your experience of the nightlife in Barcelona. Boadas Cocteleria is the first cocktail bar in the entire country, it was opened in 1933 and since then not much has changed. If you like classic drinks, this is your place.

Founded by Miguel Boadas, who was the first barman at the famous La Floridita, in La Havana, Boadas cocktail bar was usually visited by Hemingway. Near La Rambla, this bar seems to be stuck in time, so it is definitely worth the visit.

Dr. Stravinsky

Dr. Stravinsky is not a classic cocktail bar, at all. Located in the Born, here you will feel like you are inside an alchemist workshop since they are specialists in creating craft cocktails. 

Make sure to try the Camp Nou, made with a syrup of dill, thyme, coriander, house-distilled gin, lime, and camomile, it will leave your mouth open. Also try the Suculento, with tequila and mezcal mixed with coriander and a syrup of lime and peppers. Or if you want to be amazed, just accept the recommendation of the cocktail experts, you won´t regret it.

Cremat 11

Another fantastic cocktail bar in the Born, Cremat 11 is a bit hidden, on an unknown plaza, so you won´t get trouble finding a free table. This bar can also offer an excellent brunch and tapas and the cocktails are amazing. 

They are always innovating and changing the classics drinks, so give it a go and Cremat 11 will surprise you.

Ideal Cocktail Bar

Ideal Cocktail Bar is a place where the classics are re-shaped. It is a nice corner, in the Eixample, furnished with ancient wood where you will meet Josep Maria Gotarda, who is a true magician with flavors and drinks. 

Make sure you try the Cosmopolitan, they really master the traditional recipes and make them look like something entirely new.

Bar Sauvage

If you feel like partying, Bar Sauvage is your spot. The cocktails are made with a Latin flavor, mixing fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Some of their key drinks are a different version of the Bloody Mary, which is called a Vampirella, and a smooth Old Fashioned.

Located in the Born, you should also try the ceviche and tacos, you won´t regret it.

There are so many different cocktail bars that we are sure you will find one, or more, that suits your taste. Having a drink and relax after a long day on the beach, or sightseeing, or many other things you can do in Barcelona is definitively an excellent way to finish a great day in the city.

Enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona!

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