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Barcelona Christmas Markets

Barcelona Christmas Markets

Barcelona at Christmas is a city that is being transformed and all its streets are filled with lights indicating that one of the most beautiful moments of the year is coming. And it is that despite the pandemic that we are experiencing and although this year the holidays are going to be different, in the great city of Barcelona you can find great Christmas fairs and markets where you can buy the best decorations and the most original gifts.  

If you are passionate about Christmas and you live in Barcelona, ​​keep reading because in this article we will discuss which are the best Christmas markets in Barcelona for you to enjoy in 2020. 

Top 5 of the best Christmas markets in Barcelona

Fira de Santa Llúcia 

The Fira de Santa Llúcia is one of the oldest Christmas markets and also one of the best known and that is that despite the situation caused by Covid-19, the most popular Christmas market has been celebrated this year 2020 in Barcelona. Although it can be celebrated, it is important to note that there are fewer stops than usual and you can visit it from November 27 to December 23. 

Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Família

The next market that we can find in Barcelona is the “Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Família” and this is another of the best known in the city and therefore has become one of the most traditional Christmas markets in Eixample. This year, the stalls where you can buy decorations, figures, gifts and also the most typical Christmas foods are maintained. You can enjoy this market from November 28 to December 23. 

Fira de Reis a la Gran Vía

Another of the most popular markets is the Fira de Reis that takes place along the Gran Vía. And although this year it will also be held, it is necessary to comment that it will have 40% less stores than last year. In addition, in order to guarantee greater security during the market, barriers have been established to guarantee the distance and unique directions of circulation will be enabled. From December 19 to January 6 you can enjoy large stores to find the best toys, the most Christmas decorations and the best food stands

Christmas Fair in Port Vell

This year, the second edition of the Port Vell Christmas Fair returns, specifically, it is located in the Portal de la Pau square and in addition to the different shops and food stands, activities are also carried out to the little ones. What stands out most about this fair is the large illuminated Christmas tree that can be seen from different areas of the city. 

Fira d’artesans de Nadal de Vic

Although this fair is not in Barcelona and this year it cannot be held due to Covid-19, we wanted to include it in this list since it is also one of the most important in the Catalan territory. In this fair you will not only be able to find pieces made by hand with different materials but also, it stands out for its numerous food stands as well as a great festive atmosphere in the streets thanks to music, children’s activities and medieval recreations that are performed. Normally, you can enjoy this fair both in December and in January, although on some specific days. 


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