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Begur In Costa Brava: The Treasure of Spain

Begur In Costa Brava: The Treasure of Spain

In today’s article, we are going to talk about another pearl of the Costa Brava, Begur. In previous posts, we have explained to you everything about the stunning medieval town of Tossa de Mar, therefore, if you are a Costa Brava lover you shouldn’t miss Begur and all the information that we are going to share with you. 


Where is Begur?


Like most of the Costa Brava towns, Begur is located on the coastline of the Costa Brava in the Baix Empordà. The distance between Barcelona and Begur is 106 km more or less, therefore, it is very easy and quick to get there from Barcelona. 

For instance, by car would be a trip of 1 hour and 45 minutes and by bus, it can take around 3 hours due to the stops it makes during the journey. Unfortunately, trains do not arrive directly to Begur, thus, the most convenient way to arrive would be by car, either renting or taxi. 


How is the weather in Begur?


Due to the fact Begur is a seaside town, its weather is one of the things that make Begur one of our preferred destinations. As we mentioned before, Begur lies in the Baix Empordà and this area enjoys a Northern Mediterranean climate, meaning that although summers are very hot, the winds from The Tramuntana and The Llevant make it ideal to spend a marvellous time in Begur. 

However, if you are planning to visit Begur in winter we can guarantee you won’t regret it either. During winter the average would be around 11ºC, hence, we can confirm it is a moderate climate that we can all get used to. 

What to see in Begur?

Begur beach

As we mentioned before, Begur is one of the pearls of the Costa Brava and it is a treasure that has to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. Not only for its great weather and location but for all the things to do that this town of Begur can offer us. That’s why we highly recommend you minimum of a day to visit this medieval village and the centre of Begur that does not have anything to envy Tossa de Mar’s medieval castle. 

Let’s start with the essentials like the Begur castle where you can enjoy a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastline of Costa Brava thanks to its 360º view. From this castle of the 11th century, you can also overlook the old quarter and most of the typical houses of Begur, colonial houses, from the times of trading with Cuba in the 19th century. 

Many people from Begur emigrated to Cuba and when they came back after a successful time they brought the colonial influence and built these colourful and eclectic houses. That’s why Begur and Cuba have a cultural connection and nowadays every September, Begur celebrates the Fira d’Indians, a three-day festival with markets where you can buy traditional crafts, Cuban live music, street shows, etc. If you want to know more about this festival we recommend you to visit this page from the Begur Tourism Office and the Fira d’Indians.

As we want you to make it easier and does not miss anything worth it in this little treasure of Spain, Begur, we are going to list the colonial houses you must visit and take a picture: Casa Bonaventura Caner Bataller, Can Sora, Casa de la Vila, Can Pi, Mas Carreras, Casa Vicenç Ferrer Bataller. If you would like to know more about these colonial houses, you can visit the Begur Tourism website.


Best Beaches in Begur

Sa Tuna Beach in Begur, Costa Brava, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Of course, we have to talk about the spectacular beaches and coves of Begur. Most of the best beaches of the Costa Brava can be found in Begur surrounded by pine trees and cliffs that make the coastline of Begur, the very essence of the Costa Brava. 

Begur has eight coves and beaches and each of them has unique characteristics and beauty. Are you looking for a sandy beach accessible with kids? Try Sa Riera or Aiguablava. Perhaps you are interested in snorkelling on your beach holiday? Try Sa Tuna or Platja Fonda. 

Nevertheless, we are pretty sure you will enjoy any of the beaches and coves mentioned below and the sea views of each of them. We made a selection of our favourites!


Platja d’Aiguablava

One of the most popular beaches, Aiguablava is the southernmost beach of Begur. 

A beautiful beach that seems almost virgin with fine sand and crystal calm water. With shallow waters, it is a good option if you are planning to spend the day with family and friends with kids. 


Cala Illa Roja

This is a cove where nudism is practised and makes it a very good option if you are looking for an uncrowded and quiet cove. The name comes as it is located near a rocky red little islet. 

Due to its natural setting protected by a huge cliff, it is not possible to get there by car or local bus, hence, you will have to take the “Camino de Ronda” a coastal path that starts from Sa Riera also in Begur or the main beach Pals, a town nearby. We do not recommend this trail for people with reduced mobility or small children as it has many stairs and narrow passageways. 


Sa Riera

Sa Riera is the closest beach to Begur and one of the biggest beaches. The name comes from a watercourse that divides it into two areas. Although it is a long beach with tourist services you can also find its traditional fisherman houses. Definitely, Sa Riera is a good choice if you want to spend the whole day with your family and friends and also want to practice water sports activities. 


Platja Fonda

As we mentioned before, Platja Fonda is a good option for snorkelling as it has the most spectacular green turquoise water we have ever seen. It is also a quiet peaceful beach with no tourist services like restaurants or beach bars. 

Also, to get there you will need to walk down around 100 steps but we can guarantee you that you won’t regret it. This wild and hidden cove will make you fall in love once you arrive. 


Sa Tuna

One of the smallest coves from Begur where you can still find the old fisherman’s houses stand out. It has a sister cove, even smaller and quieter that can be reached along the coastal path: Cala S’Eixugador. 

Although Sa Tuna is a small cove, it is surrounded by good restaurants and you can rent kayaks and surfboards for paddle surfing. 


And you, will you visit Begur? 

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