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Barcelona to Costa Brava Road Trip: Beautiful Scenes

Barcelona to Costa Brava Road Trip: Beautiful Scenes

In today’s article, we want to offer you a plan that you will undoubtedly love if you are a Costa Brava fan: which places are essential on a Road Trip along the Costa Brava?

We are about to discover the most beautiful scenes you shouldn’t miss during your road trip and we are going to share with you the best tips for having an amazing experience during your holidays. 

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How far is Costa Brava from Barcelona?


Costa Brava is located in the province of Girona and its coastline starts from Blanes up to the border of France in Portbou. 

If you arrive from Barcelona it will take you around 1 hour by car until Blanes, approximately 74 km away. Of course, you can also arrive at Blanes or many towns of the Costa Brava by public transportation, but in today’s article, we are going to focus on a proposal for a road trip that will give you more freedom to know the most beautiful scenes of Costa Brava. 


Driving to Costa Brava: Best tips


Let’s start by giving you the most essential information, how to get to Costa Brava from Barcelona? There are 2 options and both are equally good ways to get there, it will depend on the traffic on that day. You can drive the C31 + C32 highway or the AP-7 highway. As mentioned before, both are good options but some people believe C31 + C32 is quicker and easier to connect into the city via the Ronda Litoral. 

Regarding the state of the roads, in both options, we can guarantee that they are perfect, also, both highways have numerous service stations along the way to make the trip more pleasant. Once you arrive in Costa Brava, the secondary roads to get to the different villages are also in good condition, but a bit of a windy road sometimes so before start your road trip get your car ready in case you are not planning on renting a car and rather drive with your own car. 


Road Trip from Barcelona: 5 places you must visit


Without further ado, we are going to detail the 5 most beautiful places on the Costa Brava you must-visit during your road trip and everything you should know about them. We can assure you that selecting only 5 has been a challenge for us since the Costa Brava hides impressive treasures. We hope you enjoy them!


Blanes: the gateway to the Costa Brava

As we mentioned before, Blanes is the entrance to the Costa Brava but this is not the only reason we’ve chosen this village as a stop in our road trip as Blanes has many things to offer us.  Firstly, Blanes has been awarded the Family Tourism Destination certificate granted by the Catalan Tourism Agency. As a consequence, it is one of the main destinations chosen by families with kids. 

In addition, Blanes is known for its beach S’Abanell, one of the longest beaches along the entire Costa Brava; its 13th-century castle, Sant Joan’s Castle, where you will have an amazing view and for Sa Palomera, a peculiar beautiful rock that enters to the sea and separate Blanes beach in two parts. In July, during the traditional festival of Blanes, Sa Palomera becomes the scene of the fireworks which makes it more impressive to admire. 


Cadaques:The Beautiful White Village


Cadaques is undoubtedly one of our favourite towns on the list and its landscape is the most beautiful postcard. This beautiful fishing village is known as “The Pearl of Costa Brava” and you may combine its visit with your visit to the Cap de Creus Natural Park, just a 15 minutes drive. 

One of the first things to do in Cadaques is to get lost in the cobbled and narrow streets in Barri Vell where you can admire the white facades of its houses and the floral ornaments that decorate them. A bohemian air that seduced many artists of the modernist era, including Salvador Dalí. In Portlligat we can find Salvador Dalí House, one of the main attractions of Cadaques. 


Tossa De Mar: A wonderful walled city

Tossa de Mar old town

We cannot fail to mention one of our best treasures on the Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar. In fact, we have previously dedicated an article to it in which we detail everything you can do in this wonderful medieval town, Tossa de Mar.

Briefly, we want to highlight how charming this historic walled town is and we recommend you let yourself drift and discover this medieval village. Its castle and the lighthouse are a must-visit too as you will take one of the best pictures of the Costa Brava.  


Cap de Creus Natural Park

Like Cadaques, the stop at Cap de Creus Natural Park is a must as you will find the most impressive views of the entire coastline of the Costa Brava. Its landscape captivates all its visitors and it is the most important maritime-terrestrial park in Catalonia.

There are many routes that can be done in this natural park and therefore we also recommend a one-day visit minimum if possible. As a curious fact, the Cap de Creus Natural Park is the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula.


L’Escala: A gastronomic paradise

Have you heard about l’Escala anchovies? The anchovies of this town are one of the finest anchovies in Spain. This fishing village is one of the most important on the Mediterranean coast, hence, you can imagine how important and valuable its gastronomy might be. 

L’Escala is located south of the Gulf of Roses, just 2 kilometres from the famous ruins of Empuries. Like many towns in the Costa Brava, its main activity has been since ancient times, fishing, which has given it international prestige. Within the variety of Empordà cuisine with for example its wines and prawns, L’Escala is also recognized for its gastronomy and one of the best places to eat fish on the Costa Brava with very high-quality restaurants.

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