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Barcelona 92: The Olympic renewed city

Barcelona 92: The Olympic renewed city

In 1992, Barcelona, in Spain, was the city chosen to celebrate the famous Olympic Games. From July 25 to August 9, one of the most international multisport events took place so far, which caused the city of Barcelona to undergo a great transformation that subsequently evolved to what we know today. It is for this reason that, in today’s article, we want to comment on the transformation of the city of Barcelona during the 1992 summer Olympics. 


Barcelona 92: an improvement project


One of the main objectives, in addition to promoting the city of Barcelona, ​​was to take advantage of the huge event to make a remodeling urban plan that the city needed so desperately. 

Oriol Bohigas was the one who promoted the urban project based on a requalification process. Through this project, what he wanted was to balance the use of urban space so that it was more equitable.  

One of the main challenges this project faced was what previously was called “opening Barcelona to the sea”. In this way and from the Olympic Games, the moment was used to expand the area and improve the service offered in this part of the city. 


The transformation of the city 


As we have mentioned previously, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games represented one of the great urban transformations that the city has undergone throughout its history. For this reason, we will comment on some of the most important changes: 


The Olympic Village of Poblenou

Surely, the Olympic Village of Poblenou was one of the biggest improvements that took place in the city since a new neighborhood was created. Through this great change, the day-to-day life of practically the entire city was modified, as it remodeled the entire maritime area of ​​Barcelona del Poblenou. Specifically, this was the place where the athletes stayed during the games.

In this way, not only the creation of a neighborhood such as the Olympic Village was included in the Bohigas project but also a new port and a new railway line that connected the city was built. 

In addition, it is essential to note that with the objective called “opening Barcelona to the sea”, a great job was done to regenerate the city’s beaches. This meant an enormous change in the way in which the citizens of Barcelona themselves lived and enjoyed the sea. 



Another of the big innovations that the city experienced during the 1992 Olympic Games was the remodeling of a large part of the Montjuïc mountain. Specifically, what is currently known as the Olympic Ring was designed and built by Carles Buxadé, Joan Margarit, Federico Correa, and Alfons Milà. 

In addition, new facilities were created such as the Sant Jordi Palace, or the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia. Other existing sports facilities such as the Olympic State, or the Picornell Swimming Pools were also modified.


Vall d’Hebron

The area of ​​the Vall d’Hebron neighborhood was also part of the large transformation of Barcelona in 92. This was another of the great venues where sports events were held and, therefore, it was necessary to remodel it. In this case, the project was directed by Eduard Bru and created the large green areas combined with the sports facilities of the Olympic Games.  


Other changes 

As a consequence of the progress that was taking place in the city, other urban actions were developed with the aim of creating a better city. In this way, new parks and gardens were made, such as the Mirador del Migdia, the Poblenou park, or the Puerto Olímpico park. 


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