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An Essential Guide To Enjoy Sitges In Spain

An Essential Guide To Enjoy Sitges In Spain

We can say that Sitges has become one of the best-known areas located on the coast of Barcelona and it offers a large number of plans for everyone. Sitges has been called the Saint Tropez of Spain thanks to its beaches, nightlife and luxury villas. For all that it offers, Sitges is a city that is perfect for both a long vacation and a weekend getaway. If you want to know everything that can be done in Sitges, we recommend that you continue reading this article as we will comment on everything you need to know to enjoy a great day in this coastal city.   

How to arrive at Sitges from Barcelona?

The fact that it is one of the best cities near Barcelona, ​​being able to get to Sitges from Barcelona is very simple and you can choose between several options depending on your needs. 

In addition to the car, it is important to mention that you can also access Sitges by public transport and it is precisely these options that we will discuss below. 

If you are only going to visit Sitges in one day, the cheapest and fastest transport will surely be the train. Currently, there are 3 main train stations in Barcelona from which you can get to Sitges. Specifically, you can do it from Estació de França, Passeig de Gràcia or Estació de Sants. In addition, we cannot stop commenting on the beautiful landscape through which you will pass until you reach Sitges. 

Another of the best options to go to Sitges is by bus. This one stands out above all because it is a night bus so it is available 24 hours a day. Even though the train is cheaper and faster than the train, don’t discount the bus as it is also a great option. 

Beaches in Sitges: discover the Costa Daurada

We can say that Sitges is one of the best cities since it is not only one of the most beautiful coastal areas but it also has some of the best beaches you can see. Specifically, you can enjoy a total of 17 beaches and therefore, we will comment below on some of the best beaches. 

Sant Sebastià

The first beach we want to mention is also one of the popular ones. Specifically, we are talking about Sant Sebastià beach. This is located to the east of the Sitges church and although it is not one of the largest beaches, it is the perfect place to enjoy a great day out with the family.

La Fragata

La Fragata is another of the most popular beaches in Sitges and it is located next to the church of the city. Its central location and the restaurants that are around it, make this beach also one of the most popular. It is perfect for both families and young people since in addition to enjoying a great day at the beach, you can also practise volleyball or another sport.

Les Anquines Beach

If you want to enjoy a quieter beach, one of the best options is Les Anquines beach. This has become the perfect place to enjoy a day of absolute relaxation, get away from it all and just listen to the sound of the sea. 

Les Anquines beach is perfect for everyone, from friends, couples or families since its tranquillity and clear water make it perfect for the little ones to play with total freedom. 

Terramar Beach

Continuing with the tranquillity, the Terramar beach is another of the best options for all those who want to enjoy a quiet day. Although it is a bit far from the city centre, as we said, it is really the perfect beach for a quiet day. 


The old town of Sitges: explore its modernist style

Sitges in Spain old town

Sitges, in addition to being a beach, is also a very charming and really beautiful place. It is for this reason that you cannot miss the old part of the city. We could say that Sitges is a place marked by modernist architecture and therefore, you can find numerous buildings of this style even though there are also other architectural styles. 

As we said, the old town centre of Sitges is a mandatory stop for all people, therefore, to discover all the places the best and what we recommend is to lose yourself in the small streets of the city. 

Still, you cannot miss the town hall square, the famous Blue Patio inspired by the work of the Catalan writer Santiago Rusiñol from the 19th century. In addition, the main monument of Sitges and its old town is undoubtedly the Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla and it is that this has become one of the most important icons of the city. 

You cannot miss the Palau Maricel and the Cau Ferrat Museum either, since these are two buildings with medieval characteristics located in Sitges that undoubtedly fit in perfectly with the environment. The first of them has become a very important art museum and the second has been used as a museum to commemorate the figure of Santiago Rusiñol. 

Top 3 best restaurants in Sitges: enjoy seafood in a local restaurant

In addition to all the aforementioned, Sitges also stands out for offering one of the best Mediterranean cuisine and therefore, we consider it relevant to comment on 3 of the best restaurants that you can find in Sitges. 

La Zorra

The first restaurant we want to recommend is La Zorra and this is possibly one of the best-known restaurants since it belongs to a group of very popular restaurants also in Barcelona. How could it be otherwise, La Zorra is a restaurant specialized in rice and you can find a great variety of rice dishes. 

El Cable

Another restaurant that you cannot miss is the well-known El Cable. We could say that it is the typical tapas bar that has been passed down from generation to generation and although it has not lost its essence, it offers one of the best tapas in the whole city. 


The last restaurant we want to highlight is Sausalito. This is one of the best places to go after spending a long day at the beach as it faces the sea. Specifically, on Benaprés beach, you can enjoy some of the best appetites in Sitges. 

If you want to know more about Barcelona best beaches, do not miss our article about it: Best beaches in Barcelona and surroundings.

Sitges nightlife: have a cocktail in the best bars and clubs

The nightlife in Sitges is another of the great attractions of the city and it is that this, in addition to being a place LGTB friendly, brings together some of the best places to enjoy a great cocktail. 

Starting the night in the well-known Calle del Pecado is one of the best options since you can visit the different cocktail bars that are found along this street. 

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