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American companies in Barcelona, Spain you must know

American companies in Barcelona, Spain you must know

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city full of life that pulsates continuously in its streets, a place where a great variety of races and cultures converge. In recent years, some of the world’s leading multinational companies have chosen the Catalan capital as a base thanks to the city’s low cost of living, cheap rents, and competitive salaries, as well as its excellent infrastructure and the unrivaled lifestyle it can offer its employees.

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Poblenou’s 22@ District is a hub of technological innovation and is also a place for research centers and a big number of start-ups.

Top 5: American Companies in Barcelona

22@, which sits on 198 hectares, is Barcelona’s new office hub, where Amazon has recently set up shop and where Colonial, for example, is constructing one of its new buildings. Around 500 companies set up in this area every year undergoing rehabilitation. Here are some of the American companies located in Barcelona.


The giant e-commerce company is continuing its offensive in the Spanish market and is preparing a new opening in Barcelona, located on Santander street in the Bon Pastor neighborhood, near the Besós river. The company will start operating in a fast delivery center under the name of delivery center.

It will have four floors and a basement and will have the capacity to operate thirty trailers per day and 2,200 vans. In total, the asset totals 58,000 square meters of floor space, of which the warehouse occupies 10,000 square meters, and the remaining area is occupied by loading and unloading areas. The space will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is not the only project that Amazon has in Catalonia, the technology company is preparing a center in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) for logistics and offices. The warehouse has twenty cross-dock spaces and joins the multinational’s other assets on the outskirts of Barcelona located in towns such as Barberà, Rubí, Martorelles and Mollet del Vallès. Amazon is also preparing its first opening in Tarragona.


Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced that it has chosen the Torre Glorias in Barcelona to locate a center to combat fake news. However, the holder of the contract is another company, Competence Call Center (CCC), which will provide exclusive service to Facebook in this center of 22@. The social media giant occupies eight floors of the Gloriès Tower and employs some 500 workers.


PepsiCo to set up a worldwide digital hub in Barcelona. The U.S. multinational will allocate some 70 million euros to the project, with the potential to create 400 jobs within three years. To improve its digitization process, PepsiCo signed a collaboration agreement with the Tech Barcelona association at the end of last year to join the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the aim of improving the multinational’s management and agility and generating unique shopping experiences for consumers. PepsiCo believes that the future of the beverage and snack sector lies in the management and intensive use of data, the integration of artificial intelligence and 3D printing, as well as innovation in the retail sector to apply new disruptive technologies.


Microsoft has chosen Barcelona as the base of operations for its new R&D hub, which specializes in the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies to improve user experience on the web. The center located in Barcelona will be one of the eight research centers worldwide of Microsoft’s WebXT (Web Experiences Team) division, an organization of more than 5,000 people chaired by Mikhail Parakhin, focused on the development of advanced user experiences based on the use of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning technologies.

Microsoft’s goal is to create around this team of engineers a vector of innovation in Artificial Intelligence -in collaboration with universities, research centers and technology companies-, reinforcing our efforts to boost digital talent in Spain and training in machine learning technologies.


The American video game company Scopely consolidates its commitment to European studios with a new investment in three of its partner companies: the English company Píxel Toys, the Scottish company Tag Games, and the Catalan company Omnidrone.

Since the initial investment by the American company, Omnidrone has tripled its workforce and plans to add 30 new employees in creative positions, such as Unity developers, 3D artists, 3D animators, and other technical artists.

There are also many other multinational companies already headquartered in or planning to relocate to Barcelona, all eager to experience the talent and lifestyle that the Catalan capital has to offer.

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