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A Route Of The Modernist Markets In Barcelona

A Route Of The Modernist Markets In Barcelona

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region of Spain. It is known for its artistic edgy, with Gaudi’s architecture and the medieval Gothic quarter. It is also well known for its supply of markets, including one of Europe’s best food markets, La Boquería. 

In this post we talked about the most gorgeous gardens and parks in Barcelona.

Barcelona is unquestionably a modernist city, with a thousand colors, scents, flavors and sensations. In order to discover the culture of a place, not only is important the sculpture, the architecture, the painting and the music, but also the gastronomy. And one of the best ways to do that is by visiting the markets. 

In Barcelona, a huge part of the food culture are the markets that populate the city. These places are filled with beautiful smells, sights and tastes, and also the people are nice. We can find more than 40 markets in the city of Barcelona, but one of the most famous markets is “La Boqueria” which is on Rambla de Barcelona. 

If you are visiting Catalonia, it is essential to experience the market environment. In this article we talk about the most important markets in Barcelona, so stay and write it all down.


What is the oldest market in Barcelona?

The market of “La Boqueria” is not only a simple market, it is a monument to gastronomy. It is the oldest market in Barcelona, It was inaugurated in 1840, but its origins date back to the 13th century. 

In 1217 there were the first documents confirming the presence of meat sales tables in Llano de la Boqueria, in a context of street markets located on La Rambla. These markets were made up of temporary open-air stalls, many of which welcomed farmers from the towns around Barcelona who sold their products in the city. 

Another old market is “El Mercat dels Encants”, its origin was around 1300 at the gates of the Barcelona wall, where used objects began to be sold on a regular basis. 


Top 3 Best Markets in Barcelona 

Traditional places are no longer just places to do the shopping, they have become gastronomic and leisure spaces. If someone wants to know the true essence of the city, it is important that they take into account the crucial role that the markets have in the cultural development of the city of Barcelona.

All markets of this city are charming and it is very difficult to choose just a few, but in this article you will find the three most characteristic markets of the city. 


La Boqueria Barcelona

La Boqueria

It is officially known as the “Mercat de Sant Josep de La Boquería”, but more commonly known as “La Boquería”. This is one of the city’s most famous tourist landmarks. As we said, the first mention of the markets dates back to 1217, and it still stands today as a vibrant and busy market. 

It is located less than 10 minutes walk from the Hotel Arc la Rambla, it is the most well-known gastronomic market of the city. It offers a picture of the variety and multiculturalism that characterizes Barcelona, being able to see from typical Catalan products to the most exotic delicacies from different countries. Visitors can explore the different sections and even enjoy eating something such as in the famous restaurant “El Quim de la Boquería”. 


Sant Antoni Market Barcelona

Sant Antoni Market

If you love books, then we have already found your favorite market, it would be the Mercat de Sant Antoni, where you could get lost all day, near the Rambla. It is the only market in Barcelona that is open every day of the week. Not only offers a range of books every Sunday, but also fresh food. 

This market was designed by Antoni Rovira and was inaugurated in 1882 as the first market outside the old city walls. Its building exploits the geometric possibilities of the blocks of “El Ensanche”, with an iron structure built in a plant in the shape of a cross. The building itself is absolutely spectacular. 


Santa Caterina market Barcelona

Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina market stands out, not only for the quality of its products, but also for the magnificent modernist roof of the building made in 2005. This modernity of the roof combines perfectly with the interior space of the market, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of traditional markets. You can find a long variety of products: butcher’s shops, fruits, vegetables, cheese shops, oils, spices and a long list of authentic delicacies. Moreover, it has restaurants that will delight tourists, such as “OBE” restaurant. 

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to the markets of this beautiful city. Do not hesitate to consult other articles on our blog to find other ideas for visits.

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